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This is what I have learned:

The internet is a big place and it takes time to build up traffic. The Social networking and 2.0 sites are generally pretty good for big bursts of visitors. And it is very easy to find artist discussion lists and forums to advertise your signature files. But these outlets may not be enough to capture the targeted traffic you need to make sales.

You need art buying traffic. It is not as easy to find a large group of art buyers in one spot- although there are a few forums for this. It can be difficult to harness art buyers from the internet since art buyers come from all walks of life and professions. There are art buyers in almost every Internet niche which makes it hard to target these individuals.

Where then does the art buying traffic come from?

There are numerous ways to grow traffic to your site. There are Search engines, forums, commenting, etcetera, so on and so forth. The competition is stiff as you have to make yourself stand out among other artists. What happens when these methods fail you?

There is but one avenue for exposure that will continue to work for you even when these other methods don’t.

Your exposure and your money are in your list.

Do you have a mailing list of those who have purchased art from you before? If you don’t- you should. This alone can increase sales and encourage return art buying traffic. Make sure you keep your list clean by consistently adding new names and removing names that are no longer deliverable. One of the worst things you can do to your professional career is fail to keep an up to date list.

And then…

When you are ready- jump directly into the belly of the beast! It doesn’t matter if your list is large or small you can increase your exposure by adding these professionals to your list:

Local and surrounding Interior Designers
Local and surrounding Members of the Chamber of Commerce
Local Government Officials

Many members of each of these groups spend time in galleries. Interior designers sometimes need to purchase art for client spaces and the Government Officials and Chambers Members are educated and respected individuals who understand and appreciate the value of art especially from a local artist. I am not telling you to load there mail box with tons of marketing stuff- but it is perfectly acceptable and professional to send them a catalog, postcard, or presentation cd.

These individuals buy art. How will they buy your art unless you introduce yourself and your work to them?

The contact information for these groups is public information and is easily findable just by searching through:

or for contact information for members of your local Chamber of Commerce look here:

and for Interior Designers look here:

As more prominent business owners begin to collect your work you will gain exposure from the art buying public and art world professionals whose art opinions matter. This is a really good start to increasing your exposure and making more art sales.

LiqWidArt and its owner Pam Renovato are promising to play an important role in providing tools and resources for artist. You can find out more about Pam Renovato, LiqWidArt and how to make more art sales by visiting the LiqWidArt website at:

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