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Yes – it’s my goal to prove that human’s body can change more aesthetic and more youthful while growing older…

About me:

I’m Rene Kari, an artist (a painter) – known by many as an artist and a work of art in one.

One night, about 43 years ago I made the decision to become an artist. To make sure I would go through with it, I made a bet with my friend. It took three years to win the bet. At around the same time I made another decision that also found assertion in a bet: that by the age of 57 I will have shaped my body to look like an antique sculpture…my body will have sculpted into a piece of art, resembling antique ideals of beauty – an imaginary Achilles, not Heracles, since in my opinion true beauty is expressed in slim muscularity and the harmony of normal bodily proportions. To achieve this goal I set up a motto “A BETTER BODY WITH EVERY PASSING YEAR”. And today, at the age of 66, I can declare, that thanks to my commitment and decades of devotion, I am in the best shape of my life. My body is more attractive, stronger and healthier than ever before! And I am sure, that after some years when I will be 70, my body will look even better than today – more aesthetic and youthful, since there is no doubt that my motto “a better body with every passing year”, which has followed me already 43 years is still with me and will stay with me for years to come.
It means, that the essence of my project is LIFELONG YOUTHFUL AESTHETIC LOOKS, “ageless” body through ages – not only in the context of keeping a stable shape but in a constant improvement of this shape – year by year, despite ageing. *

In my youth I was just an undistinguished guy…and now, at half of century later there are fans and admirers of me everywhere around the world! Yes – today, at the age of 66 I have become a living example for aspirations to remain youthful – an inspiring model for others to follow.
Yes – it has become like a MISSION for me to prove that it’s really possible to extend youth and avoid aging…
Yes – I will show to the whole world what kind of a MIRACLE a MAN can do with his/her look!

My body-case – it isn’t a sports for me – it’s my ART PROJECT – named “Miami Beach”.

It was my exhibition “Miami Beach” (Gallery Viviann Napp, Tallinn, Augtst 05 – 18. 2004) where in addition to my body-conscious, erotically charged surrealistic paintings (erotic landscapes) I also presented photos of my body as a sculpture in progress – declaring myself to be a sculptor, whose work to be sculpted is my own body and whose material to be sculpted my own flesh. This exhibition meant turning my life-long dedication of shaping my body into a presentable art project. So it appears that although I myself have been destined to shape the male body, I feel the PERFECTION OF BEAUTY IS STILL EMBODIED IN FEMALE BODY SHAPES. And this ethereal utmost beauty is what I try to reproduce in my paintings.

I am the author of renewed color standard of Estonian tricolor (blue-black-white).
One of my paintings is exposed in the residence of the Estonian President.
One of my paintings belongs to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso.
One of my paintings belongs to The President of International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Dr. Rafael Santonja.

NB! I have to find a gallery for my exhibition “Miama Beach” in New York…needed a sponsor.

  • There at my website www.renekari.com is exposed on photos the development of my body through 52 YEARS – from 1964 to 2016.
  • Age: 67
  • Joined: December 2008


Look! My body's PROGRESS PICTURES through 45 YEARS - from 1964 to 2009!!!

As you know – my BODY – it’s my ART-WORK also… / Check out: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/RENE_KARI/ / There is my body’s history. It’s like a visualized life through decades. It’s almost my hole life-story!!! / Look – “A better body with every passing year” has been my device almost 40 years – and my Progress Pictures shows ho…
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Fitness isn’t a Sports – Fitness is an Art Project

“René Kari – an artist and a work of art in one”, “Painter as an antique sculpture”, “Look everyone – René Kari’s new coming through his body”, “The man who made himself into a work of art – René Kari”, “René Kari wishes to form himself into an antique sculpture”, “René Kari poses as a living sculpture” – all these are newspaper headlines of reviews of my exhibition “Miami Beach” (Gallery Viviann…
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