Michelle Hitt

Stevens Point, United States

Tough northern girl. Nurse. Yarn wrangler. Twitch affiliate streamer. Extremely awesome, slightly crazy person.

There's nothing like getting sick.

Especially when you’re working a lot, & life is busy in general. At first I thought I was just getting sinusy from sleeping in Mom & Dad’s very, very dry basement earlier in the week, but now I don’t think so. I think I’m getting that upper respiratory junk that’s going around at work. Johnny keeps telling me to take Airborne, but last time I tried to, it made me vomit – I just can’t do it.

I had to trade some shifts around at work for this weekend. Kaarlo passed away on Valentine’s Day after his battle with esophageal & some sort of throat cancer. His funeral is on Saturday at 11. It seems like there have been a lot of funerals to attend just within the past several months…Kind of depressing.

In other news, it was great to see my sister. While we did go out after I got done with a very long shift at work on Monday, I did not drink to excess. In fact, I remembered everything the next day. Not too bad for a 21st birthday!

Many things happening these days though, so I haven’t been around on here much & I’m really not keeping up with my watchlist too well…

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