Michelle Hitt

Stevens Point, United States

Tough northern girl. Nurse. Yarn wrangler. Twitch affiliate streamer. Extremely awesome, slightly crazy person.

Info about the girl in "Power Singer"

She’s my brother’s girlfriend Lydia, and she’s extremely talented! She plays piano, and has a very powerful voice for her size & age.
Besides being in The Jallah Richards Band with my brother & two of their friends, she’s a songwriter. She’s written a lot of stuff, & actually released her debut CD this past summer entitled, “Grand Dreams”. If you’re interested, you can check her out here or on Myspace.
She wrote a few of the songs for/about my brother…One in particular she wrote about a girl they both know. She thought the girl was chasing after my brother, turns out she was chasing after his best friend! It’s the first song on the cdbaby website…Anywho…Yeah.

That’s all I’ve got for now, because I’m tired & need to get to bed. Gramps has carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow on his other hand, & I’m driving him & Grammy. It’ll probably be a good five hours at good ol’ Grand View Hospital yet again! Oi.

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