Michelle Hitt

Stevens Point, United States

Tough northern girl. Nurse. Yarn wrangler. Twitch affiliate streamer. Extremely awesome, slightly crazy person.

The Package: A RedBubbler's Excitement

“BEEP, BEEP!” I hear again, interrupting me from my enjoyment of works here on RedBubble. Somebody’s persistent I think to myself. I get up and walk to the window to peek out the curtains. The mail lady is hanging out the window of her car looking desperately for movement inside the house. She sees me, and I smile at her. I walk to the front door, open it up and lean out.“The driveway’s not plowed, and I have a package for you. Should I pull around to the side of the house?”“That’d be fine,” I reply. “I’ll be out in a minute.”I throw my boots on and tuck the bottom of my Superman pajama pants into them. I think about fixing my hair, as it’s a mess, but realize that there’s probably no chance of it getting any better, so I abandon the idea. I look disheveled, but I don’t care – so my neighbors will think I’m crazy…tough noogies. There’s a package out there waiting for me, and I think I know where it’s from.It’s bitterly cold outside, and the snow seems to blow right through my sweatshirt as I amble up to her little SUV. She talks a bit about the weather as she gets the slip she needs me to sign. As she’s fumbling I look down at the package in her lap. It’s thin, but very long ant tall – and it’s wrapped in red tape. This induces much excitement as my mind swiftly pieces together where this package came from. I frantically look at the parts of the package I am able to see, and sure enough on the return address I see two those glorious words in neatly written ink: Red Bubble.I sign as quickly as I can, though my fingers don’t want to work because they’re so cold. She scans the things she needs to scan to verify delivery, and hands the package out her window to me. I tell her to drive safely in the snowy weather, and make my way to the house, package beneath my arm.I enter the front door, kick off my boots, run to the kitchen for a knife, and proceed to scramble to open the package. I finally get it open, and there it is – my first order from RedBubble.Neatly packaged between a few layers of cardboard, I find the framed print I ordered of my own piece Lake Superior Shoreline as a Christmas gift for my sister.

With abundant amounts of tape holding it to the packaging for the print, I also see that a small clear envelope with my Merry Christmas cards in it has made its way here. The small clear envelope could be a stroke of genius itself, as it adds a temporary waterproof element to the cards – which is a must in this weather, as the snow we’re getting here is lake effect, which means it’s very heavy, and very wet.

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