Michelle Hitt

Stevens Point, United States

Tough northern girl. Nurse. Yarn wrangler. Twitch affiliate streamer. Extremely awesome, slightly crazy person.

Massive amounts of snow...

It’s very cold. I could hardly feel my hands on my way home from work. Also, it is, as Grammy would say, Snowing to Beat the Band outside! Speaking of which, I got a warning of Danger, Falling Snow on my way home. Yeah. No kidding. Anywho, after snapping a few pictures of our Snow Season I drove on in Solitude – lonesome as a leaf without a tree. I got home and sat here in Solitude as well. That is, until I logged on to Yahoo messenger and talked to Ozjami , and MSN messenger to talk to Googa . Oh well!

Well, in case I forget to send Season’s Greetings your way in a timely fashion, I wish Happy Holidays to you all.

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