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I’ve finally gotten a few new works up. I decided to do two variations on Peach Rose since my sister loved it and requested that I do so.

Life around here has been busy with work and all. Every time I get a few days off, I’ve been going out of town to visit friends & family. It’s been hectic & semi-stressful, but fun. To add to things, we’ve got Influenza B in the facility again. So far only four people have been quarantined, but now one of the other nurses caught it…and because of that, her daughter caught it, too. I ended up picking up an extra shift for tomorrow because of it. It’ll put me at six in a row, but I can handle it.

I’ve been getting a lot of exciting news lately. First of all – spring is finally here, and THE SNOW IS ALMOST GONE!!!!! Next awesome thing, one of my close friends who moved to Alabama a few years ago moved back here! We’re already plotting & planning all kinds of crazy stuff. Also, two ladies I work with, two friends from nursing school, and three friends from high school all had their babies recently! Babies, babies galore! It’s pretty crazy, but that’s okay. :-)

AuntieJ is coming into town today, we’re going for lunch in a little while, and she wants me to bring some of my prints for her. She’ll be here for a few days. She’s coming to see my brother play guitar for a school-formed rock band Silver Express for our old high school this week. They have three shows at the high school, and then they hit the road next week for a few days. Should be a good time!

Well, I’m off to walk the dog & then get ready to head to town. Hope everybody is doing well!

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