Meeting the next Imaginaiad

A note from the artist

Learning to draw has been exceptionally exciting as I have found a new way to share the nutty things in my head. I can’t wait to try painting as I have so many images floating around my head that would like to get their colours out. These imaginaiads though, they are demanding that I draw them into existence and like any helpless artist I can do naught but oblige a muse.

Considering that there is an excitable little nymph inspiring every one of us, I could be at this for a while. They are kind though, if I allow them a hand and some pencils they will pretty much draw themselves.

As for the next one, here’s what I know so far…..

At first I thought her name was Diva
But I explained
That Diva is an adjective
And not a name
It took some time
For another pushy
Jumped the creation queue
Nikita is right now
Crying out for her colours
Yet I hear a whispering
A calling from the next
Who had previously
Been teasingly vague
A demand loud and clear
And her name is Bella
She is of course
Her eyes a sparkling
Deep sea green
Her hair running influences
Of the ocean in moonlight
Her lips are full
Her smile subtle
And inviting
She daringly invokes
The alluring nature
Of a Grecian Goddess
But she is impatient
And will haunt me
With that cheeky
Demanding tickle
Until I catch up
And give her the means
To rise up
From the paper
And finally blaze
Her colours

She is simply bursting to show Roger the shape of the spirit that guides his imaginings….

(I can’t wait to share my images but I have a crappy camera and don’t want to upload a crappy shot. I will get some help with that soon xx)

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