Sick Day

After my artist spent a feverish night tossing and turning, I knew I would have my work cut out for me to keep her calm and stop her brain from exploding inside her head.

I’m not sure what it was, but it attacked with streaks of vicious red and curdled yellow that spread from her stomach and out through her limbs. It set up a blockade that would not let sleep in and fuzzied the trains of rational thought. I fought hard with tendrils of cooling blue, however it’s defences beat me down and I knew that my colours alone could not overcome it without some time and rest.

Home from work she moaned on the couch and I struggled to sing her a healing tune. She could not eat and with so little fuel to burn I could not expect the day to bring much physical creation. I sent gentle vibrations and gushes in pastels to soothe and comfort as she tried to rest.

My rainbow will wait to dance it’s lights for her interpretation on a happier day, for now I will let them swirl and expand so that they may shine brightly when the time is right.

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