The Spirit Survives

Today the rain fell harder than usual. Much harder, but really not for very long at all.

I decided to let my artist work her administration job alone today- she was a cranky pants and was really not much fun to be around. It started with belly rumblings and restless sleep and was progressing along the path to full blown tantrums when I decided to take my leave.

I slipped out of the office and caught a breeze toward Melbourne’s CBD. Christmas shoppers abounded and I gawked at their masses of purchases. It was early in the day, before the rain and the streets were looking sparkly in anticipation. I floated along the Bourke St mall where I came across a young man painting elementary watercolours near the entrance to a store. His clothes were torn and his face muddied but he continued, determined, as the passing strangers dropped change in his overturned hat.

He coughed and like petals blowing in the breeze his imaginaiad materialised. She was one of the frailest I have ever seen. Her hair had faded to a muted brown, stripped of its colours. She set her pained eyes upon me and rose her hand to my brow to show me what it was she could not say. Oh how she struggled to send her colours! Her artist had become tainted by an evil needle and was no longer able to hear all of her songs. His painted scraps and doodles were the only remnants of works that should have hung in galleries around the world. She could not stay for more than a moment for fear she would lose him completely.

As I watched the junkie take his paintbrush back up a woman approached. She knelt before him, drawing his gaze up to her own. Pressed from her hand to his was a $50 voucher for the store he sat outside.

“You have yourself a Merry Christmas,” she told him, smiling sincerely.

I weaved home through rain that would have disguised the tears in my eyes, had anyone been able to see them. It seems the spirit of Christmas – long thought forgotten – is still alive. Still alive and fighting.

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