Pain Removed Me From The Bubble For A Bit....Hi Guys

Hey Bubbling Buddies,

I am so terribly sorry for neglecting you over the last month or so. I went in for a ketamine infusion in February, it kind of went badly and then I got really sick with a virus turned chest infection that would not quit…since then I have been dealing with flares that are more violent and restricting than usual. I am, sadly, not able to do much drawing or painting in this condition, having more trouble with my hands than I used to. I am looking at moving to a bigger place so I’m hoping if I can have all my art things set up then I will still be able to get there, a little bit at a time.

I am still trying to keep my blog updated, spreading awareness is hugely important to me right now as I have tried most of the treatments available in Australia and yet my RSD/CRPS worsens…I really need a miracle right now! I noticed after I filmed my ketamine story that I had featured JC Saint Po’s 2009 calendar in the background, his work is awesome, loving having a new piece on the wall each month!

I will try and update this journal when I’m able and if my medicine rattled brain spews out any little poetic pieces I shall share them with you too. Hoping to catch up on your updates and artwork asap, I miss the way you keep me inspired!


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