Stumbled Upon & Some More Excitement From My Life With RSD

One of my poems was Stumbled Upon recently and seems to have received a lot of thumbs up…when I logged in and saw my views had suddenly jumped into the tens of thousands, I was thoroughly confused. I thought it must have been a glitch, but no, apparently it must have been getting a lot of thumbs up as the hits keep coming…It’s nice to know those old words of mine are able to reach people like that! How exciting!

I’ve been blogging again at my shiny, new domain
I’m supposed to be in hospital
But at home I still remain!


I do hope the ketamine will work, especially after all this extra anticipation time…

Speaking of, in a blow to RSD sufferers in the US, Germany is no longer taking US patients for ketamine comas. There was a complication recently in which an unfortunate American woman contracted an MRSA infection 2 days into her treatment. MRSA is a common infection that could be caught in any hospital, anywhere in the world. The reason that this would stop them running a program that is giving sufferers their lives back is a little unclear…I’m hoping to hear more about this soon as it really doesn’t make much sense right now. The idea that RSD treatment would take a backwards step because of a common infection is pretty distressing…we need MORE treatment opportunities, not less…and by we I mean sufferers world wide, it’s all of our problem.

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