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I am a 59 year old ageing Hippy with a love of nature . . . When I have time to myself I like nothing more than to get out into the...

A thank you .

Thank you very much for all your kind wishes on my Birthday. They were most welcome and so very much appreciated . Dad is doing so much better now I have cloaked him in bubblewrap falling over has no effect at all . Seriously he is getting back to his old self again which free’s up some time for me to start bubbling again . I look forward to seeing and commenting on all your wonderful art that I missed these last few weeks. One other bit of news is , after 18 months of saving and selling some Metal Detecting finds and with my Birthday and Christmas present added I have finally bought a new camera. It’s a Nikon D5100 . It will take a while to work out all the menue’s and find its limits but as with the D60 it was so much fun learning. I look for to sharing my efforts with you. Thanks again everyone for your kind support it means alot. All the best, Mark.

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