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Welcome to my page. Bubbling from Central Jersey since 2009. A heartfelt thanks to all of you for the many views and kind words and...

Heaven bound

On a spiritual level….Everyone is either heaven bound or hell bound. There is no in between. Right now we are all earthbound…but it is the Holy Spirit who gives us the knowledge of Christ. It is not your own doing. If you do not have faith to believe….you can ask the Holy Spirit to give you that faith…one of the disciples even said to Jesus….‘help me to believe’. Our hearts are full of pride and it is because of this that many choose to be their own God…falsely thinking that one can do a better job than the Creator of all things. If you sincerely want to know if God is real, if Jesus is real, then you only need ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is real and what is not. He will come to you if you are sincere in wanting to know….and why wouldn’t you? But you have free will. He will not force Himself upon you. My spirit is heaven bound..and that, not by any good in me. I am a sinner like the rest of you…but will see heaven by the mercy and grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for me.

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