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Welcome to my page. Bubbling from Central Jersey since 2009. It has been a fascinating journey, in more ways than one. A heartfelt...

Jesus....the Real thing??

Either Jesus was who He said He was
He was just a madman.
Some say He was only a good man
or a prophet.
What do you think?
Consider the following.
He is the only man
in the history of time
to fulfill every single Messianic prophecy.
The mathematical probability of this is
The odds of Jesus
fulfilling just eight (of the hundreds)
of Messianic prophecies is…..1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000.
And He fulfilled EVERY one.
Say again??
Yes, every single one.
This is equivalent to covering the entire state of Texas
with silver dollars two feet deep,
marking one of them,
mixing them all up and
having a blind-folded person select the marked one
at random the first time.
(as calculated by author and speaker Josh McDowell)

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