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Welcome to my page. Bubbling from Central Jersey since 2009. It has been a fascinating journey, in more ways than one. A heartfelt...


RedBubble HomePage Feature!! =)

Featured on 15 July 2013 ~ Hidden From Us ~ by reindeer
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Delighted and honored to be featured in the homepage collage!!! Thank you very much!!!

Two Sales!!

Thanks to KC Bolton for purchase of Crown Fountain…..

Much Appreciated!

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Heaven bound

On a spiritual level….Everyone is either heaven bound or hell bound. There is no in between. Right now we are all earthbound…but it is the Holy Spirit who gives us the knowledge of Christ. It is not your own doing. If you do not have faith to believe….you can ask the Holy Spirit to give you that faith…one of the disciples even said to Jesus….‘help me to believe’. Our hearts are full of pride and it is because of this that many choose to be their own God…falsely thinking that one can do a better job than the Creator of all things. If you sincerely want to know if God is real, if Jesus is real, then you only need ask the Holy Spirit to show you what is real and what is not. He will come to you if you are sincere in wanting to know….and why wouldn’t you? But you have free will. He…

Jesus....the Real thing??

Either Jesus was who He said He was
He was just a madman.
Some say He was only a good man
or a prophet.
What do you think?
Consider the following.
He is the only man
in the history of time
to fulfill every single Messianic prophecy.
The mathematical probability of this is
The odds of Jesus
fulfilling just eight (of the hundreds)
of Messianic prophecies is…..1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000.
And He fulfilled EVERY one.
Say again??
Yes, every single one.
This is equivalent to covering the entire state of Texas
with silver dollars two feet deep,
marking one of them,
mixing them all up and
having a blind-folded person select the marked one
at random the first time.
(as calculated by author and speaker Josh McDowell)

Pearl Harbor ~ 70 years

Remembering all those who served and lost their lives on this day in 1941 in the attack on Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was a United States Navy Officer during WW2, (born 1907) based in Coronado, California. I believe he was in Southern California at the time of the bombing but I am not certain, he may have been at sea somewhere. I never met him and therefore do not know his personal story that day. But I am thinking of you Grandpa and remembering your service to America. (He passed on many years ago).

Third Home Page Feature!! =)

WoW~~~ i’m stunned! Soooo honored to share the homepage with some amazing photographers on redbubble. Thank you ever so much! Today I headed out early to capture the Autumn leaves in NJ (with snow on them) as we had a very unusual snowstorm last night and who knows when that’ll happen again! Turns out the park was holding a cyclocross too so I was out all day!! Returned home to upload my photos and found this wonderful news!! Beyond pleased!! =)))) 31 Oct 2011

Hornets Beyond the Barricade

I took my usual morning walk in the park and came upon an orange wooden barricade in the road. Looking about 1/4 mile ahead I saw some orange barrel cones with yellow tape roping off a particular area. Curious as I am (i know it kills the cat) and thinking they were only wishing to block cars from entering, I sauntered through and down the hill toward the taped area. We’ve recently had the hurricane and many trees have come down and I was wondering if another tree had come down or was perhaps leaning toward the road. A man was taking a walk not too far behind me and as I approached the taped area I looked back one more time and noticed that he had turned off to go down the wooded path. I see a small hand written sign taped on the first barrel cone; hornets. I turned immediately around as …

Matt has come home!

After 5 months, Matt is finally home!! I wish to thank all of you for your concern, prayers and support for this young man. It has been a great encouragement to see people from all around the world pulling for him. Please continue praying for his complete recovery as he still has a long way to go. He is in a wheelchair having daily therapy re-learning how to use his limbs. Upon seeing his condition when he first arrived in the emergency room back on March 9, the Doctors never thought that he would ever be doing this well. His progress has far exceeded their expectations! And we know that he will continue to improve as he is a true fighter and as witty and sharp as he ever was. He is a graduate of Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Biology AND a graduate of NJIT with a d…

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