Kelly Chiara

Joined August 2009

Welcome to my page. Bubbling from Central Jersey since 2009. It has been a fascinating journey, in more ways than one. A heartfelt...

Writings Poetry

Revelation 21:3 by Kelly Chiara


The distant sound of thunder / like a soft drumbeat, / lulls me to sleep.

A Prince and Blue Slippers

The room fell silent as the Prince stepped into the middle of the crowd, everyone moving back to form a large circle. "I would be ho…

Formula C

and we smile / remembering laughs we once shared. / But neither moves closer.

Overflow of the Heart

Thoughts find their beginning in the heart. / (Out of the overflow of the heart / the mouth speaks) ~ Matthew 12:34b / If the heart is a fo…

Not What You Think

Give yourself away / piece by painful piece / to become whole, / To be completely….You.

Invite Him In

I should like it very much / if you would help me / clean them all out. / I am a bit overwhelmed / with all I’ve collected / over the…

Who Was He?

Either Jesus was who He said He was / or He was a madman.


If prayers / prevent / collisions / and you collide / with another soul…. / does that mean / you / went / off course??

The Final Say

You hummed a song / that put me to sleep. / The days grew shorter / the nights longer / I trusted you completely / I knew Winter was comin…

Winter’s Calm

snowflakes from Heaven / float down…dancing / with the North wind. / Swirling, spinning / kissing each pine needle

The Master Key

You / hold the key / to everything ~ / the Master Key. / But / how i long / to live in a world / where there are / no locks

What are you Celebrating?

the veil / was torn in two / by a little baby / If you do not believe this / please tell me / what are you celebrating?

Trapped Between Two Worlds

If you are not a dreamer / you will not understand.


He always / takes you outside / {of yourself} / in all weather. / Without Him / you walk / as on a treadmill / stuck inside / {of yourself}

In A Perfect World

We’d instinctively know / when someone is on the edge / and we’d help them / overcome / without them knowing / that we just di…

Louder Than Words

You can say / all you want. / But / your words / are drowned out. / Because / the heart / speaks louder / than words. / ♥

Short Circuit

You / read my mind / or is it my heart?….. / even when I cannot think. / And when / there are too many thoughts / I short circuit.

You love all fruit. I love apples.

…if you could only eat one fruit / for the rest of your life, / what would it be?? / That’s what i wanted to know.


My mind needs an unraveling / a transformation / a disentangling / a freedom from complication. / I am / a reflection / of all that is in i…

One Name

You may never see his flaming tongue (i pray you don’t). But you will sense it…and feel the burn after he is done. If you fee…

In Him Alone

He leads / She follows / He says no / She cries / He says yes / She cries / He is far away yet so near

This Life and That Life

In that life / there is a great chasm. / But take heart / for there is a bridge. / One catch ~ / You must cross over / in this life.

A Love Without Boundaries

This love / endless / eternal / need not be held back / need not be restrained

Enough for Ruth

starting over / how does one do this? / gleaning in the field / to stay alive / desperation / seeking refuge / under His wings

Back and Forth

You played sweet music, you whispered in my ear and we started to dance. The butterfly entered my stomach. / And the ocean rocked back and …

Tiny baby feet….they once were.

Once a Man / died for the lost / His precious feet / nailed to a cross.

My Yellow Pillow

Striped he is / Snuggled in my arm / Always willing / To keep me warm / A daytime nap? / He’s right there / Always willing / To kiss …
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