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Thanks Experimental Photography and Editing For Another Feature:)

Thanks so much. I was thrilled to learn that “Talking ’Bout Malcolm X, II” was featured in the Group, Experimental Photography and Editing. It is the companion piece to Talking ’Bout Malcolm X that you recently featured. I shot both men at a beach in Florida where they meet each day to discuss life, politics. On the day I was there, they were talking about Malcolm X and at that time, presidential hopeful, Barack Obama. Both expressed the desire for Senator Obama to be the next president of the USA.

I was capitvated by their conversation and learned that each man had originally come from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn many years earlier. Here in Florida they had become friends—a friendship that crosses racial lines that has not always been so easy to co-join.

I felt hopeful than as I do now with the turn in presidential politics in the USA and the avid interest by so many to raise a voice in the last election and the candidacy of President-elect Obama.

Thanks again.

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