Selenium toned negative

Studying at the CCP we recently selenium toned a negative to intensify (increase density range). We ere provided with a negative copy of an Ansel Adams photograph of Mt Williamson. See the original below.…

So I developed a control copy the same scene, from a from a negative copy of the original. Reasonable to say that I under developed the print, so I am no Ansel. Shown below is a scanned copy of a developed Ilford Matt fiber multigrade paper.

Anyway, my print developing skills, or lack of them, were not the point here. The point was to have a controlled experiment on the effect of selenium toning the negative, and then developing a print with the exactly the same process.

Under the identical print development conditions, the selenium toned negative produced the following outcome.


stumbleupon redbubble

I did a little experiment with Stumbleupon referrals to Redbubble over the weekend.…

I used the feature on these two images…

On both occasions the Stumbleupon referral generated ~100 and ~160 visits to the associated Redbubble photo on the day I submitted the page to Stumbleupon. Excellent I hear you saying.

Well hang on just a second. I also checked the Google analytics to see how sticky these referrals were. And here is the sobering news…

The bounce rate on first photo from referrals was 95% and the second was around 90%.

So whilst it might make your stats look great, but dont get too excited. I suppose anything that increases visibility is great, but just make sure you put it in perspective.

Oh, obviously the better the photo the less the bounce rate. Just for ther record, the sec

Tips for playground abstracts...

As I have a couple of young kids, I spend the odd moment at a playground.…

Whilst this is a good opportunity for photograph kids, it also represents a great opportunity for a bit of abstract photography.

You’ll find that playgrounds are often full of lively colours and shapes, which make a perfect content for abstract photography.

Below are a couple of recent photographs from playgrounds…

I find the best time of day is late afternoon or early morning, when the light is diffused and shadows are not too much of a problem. That is of course unless you are keen to use the shadows as part of the abstract.

I generally use a circular polarising filter to knock the edge off any reflective parts, as there can be quite a few shiny things in a playground.

As with all abstracts, I think it is import

Adobe Bridge CS5 and SimpleViewer Galleries

I recently installed Adobe CS5 and noticed in the Adobe Bridge there is a few more gallery options for websites, blogs etc. Some of the galleries are a bundled basic / entry level galleries from SimpleViewer

This led me to the SimpleViewer webiste were there is examples of the PRO version for more fancy and complex galleries.

If you are interested in building a decent looking gallery, take a look. The TiltViewer is particularly fancy.

I purchased the SimpleViewer Pro version and added a new gallery to my website…

There are plenty of options, almost too many, but it is a nicely presented, simple and intuative to use.

I’d be interested to hear others views or experiences with other gallery products.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait