The Slightly Sinister Characters of RB Land

Do you believe in altruism?

If you do, you will stand convinced that the bulk of activity around comments, favourites, features, and challenges do not have an ulterior motive. Sure you might be suspicious about the odd person, but generally, these activities are sincere. If you don’t believe in altruism, you most likely take the opposite view.

So indulge me a bit further with some tongue in cheek categories of the not so altruistic RB characters.

The Continuist

Although harmless, Continuists never know quite when to stop responding to comments on their work , they also take the time to personally respond to every comment. Their fetish has generally developed (to save time) to the extent that SMS vernacular (e.g. LOL, OMG, etc) has invaded their RB land vocabulary. Junior Continuists are easily spotted as they tend to cut and paste the same response to comments on their art, or do not have a well developed set of responses, and tend to be repetitive (e.g. ‘thanks’, or ‘appreciate your comment’)

Some Continuists use expressions of endearment (cheers, mate, love, kiss kiss, hug hug, xxx ooo, etc) to people they probably have never met in the flesh. This is a little puzzling, but it does bring a happy vibe to RB land, so that can’t be such a bad thing.

I understand to reach professional Continuist, you must first complete a master class and gain accreditation. Professionals are hard to spot as their training has bestowed them with many clever tactics to camouflage the modus operandi. You probably don’t know if you are being stalked by a professional Continuist.

The Milestoner

Most likely from a economics background, these people keep detailed statistical models in MS Excel of who, when and from where their work has been viewed, commented upon, featured, ‘faved’, or sold. They loved the sales and usage charts that RB land published a week or so ago, as they are able to baseline their work, identify trends and moving averages. You are most likely to hear from these people when a self defined milestone is reached. Junior Milestoners will stick to the simple statistics and reveal the number of views by work, or in total. I have seen some milestones as low as 100 and some in the 100,000.

More sophisticated Milestoners will package up a whole bundle of statistics and bewilder you with their achievement, and leave most of us wondering, just how they do it.

WARNING: a variant of the Milestoner has recently emerged called the Narcissus, who has developed technique for viewing their own work under the guise of being Joe Public (come one, don’t deny that you all haven’t at least thought of this).

The Volumist

The Volumist or (Vom for short) is the most simple and least sophisticated of RBers. They simply flood their account with all the art work they can find on their hard drive, with not so much a focus of quality, but on the quantity. Vom’s are often seen loitering with junior Milestoners. Innocent, but make sure you remove them from your watchlist. It is common for Vom’s to enter RB land via the neighbouring nation of Flickr. Maybe we need tougher immigration policies in RB land!

The Groupie

This RBer has joined so many groups (see also Challegoist) that you can not quite separate their artistic interests from their desire to be popular. Over time, most people figure out that you only get out of a group what you put in, so I suspect many of the serious Groupie’s either don’t have a life outside of RB land (and it does work for them), or they are relatively new to RB and think more groups equals a greater chance of grasping the RB homepage feature holy grail ….. hahahaha (deep and evil laugh) don’t we all know better.

Note: I am yet to see a combo Milestoner-Groupie, to the extent that we see statistics on their performance in each group, but I am sure it is coming.

The Look At Me I’m Fabulous (Lamif)

This character has evolved from the Milestoner. Lamif’s are delightful people…. and just love to share their delight with you, especially when they are featured or sell some of their work. Like the Continuists, Lamif’s are relatively harmless, although recently a disturbing trend as emerged called the Combo Lamif-Continuist, or CLC for short. These people get caught in a loop of…

1. sharing their delight with you, 2. followed by a response to the congratulations they receive, 3. which in turn further delights them, 4. which they then share with you again….

You can see the loop. It leaves you wonder where it might end, maybe a power failure!

The Challegoist

As the name suggest, the people trawl RB groups and challenges looking for innocent and innocuous challenges as a means of demonstrating their supremacy in RB land. They have developed clever challenge and promotion tactics, and keep the RB development team on a constant vigil in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the challenge system. Alas, just like in the world of hackers, it I unlikely that RB will ever match the sheer cunning and guile of the Challegoist. Be wary of these are RBers, they will do anything for a vote, they are often seen in the company of the Narcissus Milestoner.

On a positive note, recently Junior Challegoists have become easier to spot, as they may initially present with the tell tale sign of a Groupie (you need to be in a group to enter most challenges). Although, Professional Challegoists have discovered how to enter challenges, without the need to join the group and as expected have become harder to spot. And.. no, I am not going to reveal this technique, unless you buy a lot of my work.

I have excluded any commentary on moderators, because they are such saintly people, that I struggled to find anything sinister about their behaviour. Maybe someone else has a difference of opinion on this point.

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