A tale of mystery and a f1.4 50mm prime lens

This Pentax K1000 and M f1.4 50mm prime lens arrived in two separate parcels today via a US based eBay seller.

Included in my parcel was an unusual brochure.

At first glance, I wondered…….

How could my eBay seller could have been so insightful? How did they know the arrival of a f1.4 50mm prime lens would end the countless hours of suffering without a fast lens. How on earth could they have known the suffering I endured when my f2.8 14mm prime lens simply ran out of f-stops.

Baffled, I opened brochure and the mystery was solved.

It was a Jehovah’s Witness brochure!

I was a little puzzled that anyone would add a distinctly unrelated brochure to my purchase. But, I suppose they don’t know me (I am also an atheist), and as they believe in god, they are most likely fulfilling something important to them and part of their belief system.

In any event, I am looking forward to learning photography with a completely manual film camera. I took a few shots this evening, funny thing ….. the first couple of times I quickly looked at the back of the camera to check out the picture!

How the world has changed!

PS. I hope no one takes offence at my humour. I respect others right to their own beliefs, as I am sure they respect mine not to have any.

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