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Skateboarding And Art

Skateboarding is on some levels a form of physical artistry. You develop your own style, your own skating is influenced by the skaters whose skill you admire, and you become keen to learn certain tricks that interest you. In the process of becoming an artist we become inspired to create art. As our skills develop we begin to notice the work of others and we develop the ability to determine what techniques were used by that artist to create their piece of art and open our mind to the creative possibilities for our own arts practice.

I love to skate and I have been hooked ever since I first stepped on a board in 1974 and just tried to gain my balance and keep riding. Skateboarding influences a person’s lifestyle, musical tastes and attitudes. Every area of life is transformed either subtly or powerfully to some degree when you start to live the life of a skateboarder. Becoming an artist radically changes our view of the world and all that we see around us in a way that is very similar.

My love of art and design sprung out of years of subtle influence from watching skate and surfing videos, reading skate and surfing magazines, seeing Graffiti and all kinds of Art in suburbia and on television. I will always skate, no matter how old I may become. Like art, there are so many things in skateboarding that manage to grab my interest and inspire me. I will be skating and making art until my very last day on earth. They are two things I enjoy and need to do pretty regularly – they have become a vital part of my life – but yet, they aren’t my whole life. We need to be able to enjoy a bit of variety in our lifestyle and our interests otherwise it all goes stale and feels a bit “dead” and uninteresting.

If you found any of these thoughts interesting, feel free to comment and we can discuss art, skateboarding or anything else that comes to mind.



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