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I enjoy the whole creative process from beginning to end and seek to discover and portray the world in all of it’s rich, intense...


Create Photo Panoramas With Free Microsoft Software!

Create Photo Panoramas With Free Microsoft Software!!

A few days ago I wanted to make a panoramic image by joining together two shots of a rural scene, but Photoshop Elements 7 kept crashing when I tried to start a new Photomerge Panorama. I uninstalled then re-installed the Program hoping that would fix the problem. I also downloaded some Patches/Updates and tried to use it after that. The Photomerge Panorama function worked just fine about 12 months ago and I hadn’t tried to use it again until about 2 days ago. The problem existed before the uninstall (very recently) and afterwards. After searching for solutions to this problem online, as well as reading the Answers in their Help Forums, I gave up.

Then I re-visited a Help Forum and found someone suggested trying free software developed

Three Items Sold This Month!

Three Items Sold This Month!

I was very pleased to get an e-mail this morning notifying me that I’d sold a Photographic Print on Red Bubble! That makes 3 sales this month and that makes it one of my most successful months since I joined this web site.

1x Photographic Print (Medium) of Rolling Swells

1x Greeting Card of Ritual Behaviours

1x Photographic Print (Medium) of Beach Lovers

I don’t know who bought those items but it appears that they weren’t Red Bubble Members since I didn’t get any e-mail from other Artists telling me they’d bought some of my work. It seems that the buyer/s were Newcastle (Australia) locals and might live in Merewether, Bar Beach or in the vicinity of Dixon Park since all the images were photographed at those locations.

It’s still great to get a sale any way pos

Over 400,000 Views Of My Gallery Since January 2008

About 2 weeks ago I finally crossed the 400,000 view Milestone that I had been watching slowly approaching. It was a nice feeling!…

The Screen Shot of the Total Views

I read about the Red Bubble Art & Design web site in a Graphic Design magazine about half a year before I finally got around to visiting this site and deciding to become a Member. I was keen to see whether it was possible for me to sell any work here and to get some feedback on my work from people who I’d never met before.

In those first couple of hours it felt amazing to receive feedback from people in other parts of Australia and other Countries. It was also incredible to be able to view the work of Amateurs and Professionals from all over the place – to see what images they were creating, to try and discern how they were

How Can/Do You Send A Bubblemail To Someone You Aren't "Watching"?

Red Bubble has recently undergone a change to it’s design and layout and it’s hard to find some of the links/buttons that I have used before to get things done when visiting the site.

I want to send a Bubble Mail to someone who is not on my Watch List, but I can’t see a button called “Send Bubble Mail” that used to be visible on an Artists Profile page. In fact, I can’t see that button on any of the Profiles of the Artists that I currently watch. Where did it go?

The Artist that I want to contact has never sent me a Bubble Mail, so I can’t just go to my Bubble Mail Tab and click reply to send them mail.

Does anyone know where the “Send Bubble Mail” button is now found, if it still exists?

Any help would be appreciated.

Educational Facts About .jpg's That Will Help You To Preserve The Quality Of Your Imagery When Working With Image Files

I’ve known for years that there are numerous file types that you can use to Save / Output your Digital Artwork – all specifically engineered by Computer Programmers / Software Designers in consultation with Graphic Design / Photography Experts from all over the world to give the best Quality results when displaying / printing certain types of images. There are file types that should be used when you want to preserve all the Layers in an edit in case you want to re-edit it later and to avoid image compression / degradation to a certain degree. There are also file types that are best for outputting / displaying Graphics, or displaying Photographs.…

The most widely used image file type is called a .jpg or JPEG and it was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. It’s a form of Digita

Featured Work In The Last Three Weeks

A big thank you to all the Moderators who have decided to feature some of my images during the last 3 weeks ! It is always encouraging to know that people who help run this web site and get to see lots of images chose a couple of mine to be featured.…

Featured Images In The Last Three Weeks:

Live and Let Live – Saturday 6/03/2010.
Australia! You’re Standing In It – Tuesday 23/03/2010
Speed Slash

Digital Photography – Saturday 6/03/2010
Before and After – Saturday 6/03/2010
Statues and Such – Sunday 7/03/2010.
Defenders Of Our Coast

Falling Leaves – Sunday 7/03/2010
Winter Leaves

ImageWriting (2/24) – Sunday 14/03/2010
A Life In The Wild

Even-toed Ungulates (Mammals) Artiodactyla – Monday 15/03/2010
Two By Two

Nautical – Tuesday 16/03/2010
Shimmering Blue

Before and After – Thursday 18/03/2010

Random News ! Home Delivered ! [ Giant rat, fanged frog found in 'lost world' ]

I was using iGoogle to translate Spanish tonight and started to look around the rest of the page for a change. You can convert all types of currency, find out how the petrol prices are going, or read Random News stories like this thrilling one ! :)

Giant rat, fanged frog found in lost world

A cool place to go Hunting !

I hope you enjoy it, I always loved science as a kid !

Reflector :))

Thank You To Everyone For 100,000 Views Of My Imagery !

This morning my view counter clicked over 100,000 Views ! Thanks to everyone who has looked at my work since I first joined Red Bubble in January 2008. When I became a member of RB, it never even entered my mind that I would have had that many views of my images or that I would have looked at that many images from other Artists too.

It’s a great web site to see fantastic imagery and expand your concept of what is possible in the world of Art – everything ! The depth of talent on Red Bubble is amazing. There are great friends to be made on this site too – it’s a lot of fun and there are some very interesting things discussed.

Thanks very much to all my Red Bubble friends for your support and encouragement,


5 Features in 24 Hours ! :-))

I was very surprised to notice that I had another image featured early this morning, bringing the total number of features in the last 24 hours to 5 ! Huge thanks to the Moderators for featuring my work, it’s a great honor !
Thanks to the Moderators for all the other features over the last month, just in case I forgot to personally thank you. :-))

These are the images that were recently featured:

Happy Haven Photography
Two By Two

AW Welcome Center
Strange Bromeliad

The Compact Group
Nobby’s Headland – Newcastle

Suburban Wreckage

The Patchwork
Strange Bromeliad

Thanks to everyone who has looked at these images since they were added to RB and left great comments !

James :)

80,000 Views ! Thanks To Everyone Who Has Viewed And Commented On My Work ! :))

Just a minute ago I reached another Milestone on Red Bubble, when my view count hit 80,000 ! :))

Thanks very much to everyone who has ever looked at my Gallery since I first decided to join Red Bubble in January 2008. It’s been an incredible online community to be a part of, a place where you can view amazing Art of all types and connect with other people from all over the world who love Art and imagery.

I have learned a lot about Photography and image creation by being a member and regularly looking at fantastic photographs and other forms of Art including writing. I’ve also enjoyed communicating with my RB friends very much ! :)

Cheers and thanks a lot,


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait