Sorry I am too busy to upload your photos

I recently purchased a camera about 3 weeks ago. Things were great! The camera snapped pictures from morning to night, sunny to cloudy to rain. Just the other night I was sitting with a neighbor taking pictures of the moon. I couldn’t wait to upload the images into my laptop. By midnight I was sitting by my computer and waited 10 minutes when suddenly my camera sent me this message, “Busy”. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Never had I ever seen a camera send a message that it was busy. I never had problems with it before. I have uploaded hundreds of pictures from it. By 2 A.M. I was at my wits end. Again, camera sent a message “BUSY”. So, I asked it, "What the heck, you got a part time job or something? Then suddenly another message appeared, “Images Deleted” How could that be? So to make a long story short, I returned the camera to the store. So tonight I sit here wondering what is the best camera to buy?

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