The Jack-o-beauty

I am a jack-o-lantern and I sit on a porch. Here I sit, under the beautifully lit sky, covered in stars as bright as the moon. And as the moonlight hits the lake just right, it is absolutely divine. As I sit here and watch the beauty of everything, I see the road in the distance lined with lights aglow and how the lawn has been tickled by the moon just so. Oh, how it’s been touched after the rain, like a display of glistening tear drops comfortably placed to enjoy the moonlit sky.
Children walk by, laughing and enjoying their time outside. On Halloween, especially this time of year, the children walk from house to house collecting candy while greeting their welcomers with their “trick or treats.” How mysteriously cute they are as they walk from door to door in their little costumes, enjoying their disguise before this night passes by.
I sit here just until the month is over, remembering this beautiful October, missing the ones past, and awaiting all Octobers yet to come. It will always be a beautiful month full of cool, clean, crisp air and the smell of a faint fire burning somewhere in the distance. It revives the warmth in every home and announces the time for harvesting. Reminding us that the end is near, we are awarded a night of magical freedom; one night to let our spirits roam and pretend. One last night for the young and old. A night for neighbors to open their doors to neighbors and treat the children of the night.
Every night as my candle goes out, so do my eyes for there is no flame behind them. And as I fall into my deep sleep, I begin to dream. I dream of that next beautiful October night to come and patiently await the sparks that will awaken me.

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