Since we at war now (well then)
My Country tis-a-vis. My country men’s misery/
Politically I get to speak my Piece freedoms Speech Divisibly/
Mention Me a criminal a mad man Menacing/
Mentioning Negative over Positive seeing it all as Obvious/
Drop a bomb on a Village or drop food for starving Children you Feel It?
I’m not Militant I love my Country/
I just hate it when some Represent my people as Monkeys/
They play us like dough or were Gumby/
Play us like Spades & Gin Rummy/
Just cause we grew up on Slim Money around kids with Emp Tummies/
With no GED so Slim Dummy/
And dumb Slim ran in Ten Men’s crib for 25th of December Money/
And it’s so Funny cause Slim don’t see no more Day Sunny/
And his kids will have to Stay Bummy/
For those stuck in that State this Place is Crummy/
Grow up as the Disenfranchised/
As a baby raised on the 3rd rate Unsanitized/
As girl grown up around grown men that Fantasize/
Sold by your own moms for a Can of Lies/
Humanity can be Summarized as a cold world no Summer Skies/
A 1000 lives lost in a blinks eye/
And the kids is Sinking Guys Thinking High willing to Die/
For them rims and that brand new Lincoln Ride/
For that platinum Link & Pie why the elders Drink & Drive/
Shorty on the corner just to sport the Mink & Rise/
106th and Park Demonized in “Living Color” Keananized/
Freedoms Ringing? Riiiiiight??
Is that Why we still sitting at the Back of the Bus/
Why all these rich niggaz keep Stacking it Up/
Why these ghetto little kids is Blasting. For What?
Jackson screaming “I am somebody” but aint Backing it Up/
Like the other Jackson the Governments Jacking us Up/
Molesting the Youth got them like animals Left in a Zoo/
With sins so many they Confessing to Who?
I lost a friend a Smith & Wesson Etched in my Dude/
Lonely all he wanted was to be Next to a Crew/
Death could only be Blessing a Lesson of Truth/
You learned what’s Expectant of You/

Pg 1 my American anthem

When you faced with a man with bomb on his Chest/
Destined to Move/
Truth reveled like pages in the Good Book/
This the Horseman’s year the Hoods Shook/
I’m from a County of Crooks that Cook up Good Books/
The Good died why the Bad Took/
Look fools this the Land Where my Father Died/
In a dirty alley with a shank in his Hide/
Look this the Land Where my Mother Cried/
Living single in the Jungle just trying to Survive/
From every mountain Side/
Them killers roam the streets Ready to Die/
This is my/
American anthem cause America kidnapped us & held us for Ransom/
And the Plan Son/
Is for me not live long enough to leave seeds to Plant in my Grandson/
I Am Him the resurrection of Heuy & Fred Hampton/
Dubois & Hugh’s. I Am Them the Panthers Voice & MOVE/
But Who are You/
I spit for the Down Trodden/
Those over seas across Town trying to bring Down Bin Laden/
I spit for the Gs in the streets that make sure it’s Been Poppin/
I spit for that chick with three Kids/
A nice set of Tits Strip club pole Propping/
I spits for them Kids at Christmas with no Gifts & no Stockings/
For those that think the bullshit is Not Stopping/
I’m not Joking this for Those from Homes Broken/
Those of Them that lived & died as Known Tokens/
Those ungrateful Slaves with there Graves in the Open Ocean/
This for Them.
The Folks & Brothers Crips & Bloods that live & die over Colors/
I Love It. I Am/
American Maid. In the club getting American Laid/
Me the ancestor of those American Slaves/
With crack money getting this Afro American Paid/
A sinner Jesus Christ Saved/
American Me the son of Allah & Yahweh/
I am them kids Raised off Americas Government Aid/
I am that Convict Constant why must I Misbehave?

Pg 2 my American anthem

I am the sick man & I been that Way for Days/
Whoever I Be? I be that dealer in them Project Lobbies/
I be that baby that caught stray Crying for Mommy/
I am a American Patriot/
I feel the plight of those kids fallen from them pilots American Patriots/
War I wait for it like the fear of God in the foxhole of a Atheist/
I stay on C.P. time some may say we the Laziest/
But my life was the Zaniest/
Crack baby born & raised in 80s kid/
The Greatest kid like Ali & Jack Johnson/
Around a pack of rats that sell crack Constant/
From Brook Lawn to way Back to Compton/
I am Americas Lack of Conscience/
I’m that angry nigga Stomping with a Million men Marching/
And they got the President Barfing/
A million men armed & ready for Arson/
Imagine it a 1000 nations Pissed ever Blood Crip/
The Five & Six get together and get live & Unscripted/
Check this Dude a revolution televised on You-Tube/
40 acres and reparations Recouped Too/
A message manifested I mobily Boost Dudes/
We getting Chewed like Ju Ju’s Only if You Knew/
They never Cared about Us. They put on Airs about Us/
They want a mouthy nigga to Shut the Fuck Up/
Red neck told a Bra “You either love it or Leave It”
I replied burning the Confederate flag screaming “Suck It or Eat It”
I the one fucking up Iraq or trying to take back Egypt/
We made it all equal when we were your dirty Secret/
Popular coulter made America Peak Kid/
Popular Coulter made America Free Shit/
Why you sold the seeds of deceit we the ones that Reaped It/



Chicago, IL, United States

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epic hip hop poem


drama hip hop poem

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