Everywhere I look I see zombies, eyes half open, minds closed to reality…trudging through a routine, until they are told they can stop. Knocking shoulders as they pass but not stopping to acknowledge each other, not even noticing each other.

For they are living a dream, a dream so disconnected it bares no resemblance to the real world. A concrete dream, a dream filled with beeps and alarms, signals and sirens, a dream bombarding them with so many messages their senses are numb.
In this dream there is no need to wake in the morning, just get out of bed, plug yourself in, do your job and play the game…that is all you need to know. Food appears, waste disappears…how is not important. The cycles of life are just hindrances, getting in the way of your job… stockpiling goods, paying debts… stockpiling goods, paying debts…

They keep dreaming, they keep walking… until one day, something happens that causes them to wake. Their eyes open revealing the glorious light of the world. They leave the noise behind and suddenly they can hear again. They open their minds and suddenly they can think again. But it’s too late, it has been too long…

and the shock

…kills them

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