London Portraits

One of the great things about Redbubble is its ability to make you test yourself artistically. By that I mean pushing your personal boundaries, learning new things and venturing into areas you previously haven’t felt comfortable. For me this area is portraiture…which is why creating a series of portrait shots has been one of the most difficult and challenging learning experiences in photography so far.

I fell quite naturally into street photography, I liked the realism, the rawness and the ability to capture a moment… for me this was what photography was all about, capturing an unplanned moment in time. Living in London as well means there is no end to great and ever changing subject matter, even after photographing on the streets for 3 or 4 years I am know where near scratching the service of what goes on here every day. I especially liked street photography because it allowed me to not get too close to the subject, some thing which at first found a variety of reasons I found quite daunting.

However, eventually I thought my street photography was starting to become a bit too formulaic, so that is when I decided to look at London (and photography) from a different angle. I wanted to get closer to the people and to show some of the great personalities that enrich my life every day, this meant learning a new skill and pushing my comfort zone into portraiture photography. The main difference was this involved building more of a relationship with the subject, to make them feel comfortable and to open up… thus allowing me to take a really unique and realistic shot with real personality.

Redbubble has been a great influence as far as this has been concerned. I have learnt a lot from seeing how other artists create portrait shots and build relationships with their subjects. I have also been inspired by the way other artists have stepped out of their comfort zones since being on this site and try something different to what they normally do.

So to cut a long story short this is London from a different angle, a series of portraits of people I see during my travels around this city. Some are friends, some are work colleagues, some I had never met until I took their photo. The only similarity between all of them is they live and work in London Town.

Here is a brief selection of my favs so far;

To see more portrait shots please click this link; PORTRAITURE
I have many more to upload so please check back to see my progress… comments are always welcome : )



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