The words on the page remain unread
The ink run dry by misunderstandings
A chapter in negect
Torn Pages words abused
Neverending points of conflict
dissolve the unsaid
words of the artist not said not known
So who is able to turn the page
to untangle the phonetic key
and release the hidden language
Who? Not me…. You?
The book of life stands alone
the future’s care sealed within the empty page.

13th – 8 – 1978

I wrote this in August 1978….. just before my 18th birthday during a writing frenzy…… life was so exciting and knowledge was everywhere i looked…..just heading off to the University of Western Australia to study and it is as relevent today as it was then…..

Part of my new Painting within Painting is s combination or a tying up of threads that were created long ago. I am mostly motivated by the sense of a desire to combine the two languages and the twin parts of my life… the text and the image… until i suddenly recently realised that EVERYTHING is about the same thing and the boundaries between the words and the images are made in my own mind….

they NEED NOT BE THERE. I feel a little foolish in a way but i did not see it before. But there it is…… i feel i am ready to bring the two elements together in once creative act.

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