Well the Bull’s footy team lost again on the weekend so he’s one angry little horned monster. Which is just the way he likes it.
This weeks Rag is about copyright. The Bull’s done a bit of stampeding through the forums and has seen a coupla folk comment on work they think they’ve ‘seen somewhere before…’ So, are their people out there rippin’ stuff off? Come on THAT’S WHAT YOU MEAN ISN’T IT? The Beast wants to know…where is the line drawn at ‘inspired by’ versus ‘completely copied…’
Like if you see a pic on Getty, download it and trace it-is that ok?? The Bull reckons it is…If you see another t-shirt design on RB and you think, that’d be nice in a different font, different colour and with a message which is a slight evolution of the original…is that ok??? Come on Monday. GET RAGGIN!!!!!

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