I dreamed....

I dreamed that we (my family) were at a retirement home/hotel. The Monty Python cast was with us and everyone was very properly excited because we were going to have a Boy’s Night Out. Dont ask why I was there. There was a lot of joking and carrying on as we approached the closed French doors of a Tea Room. Yes, I know…Boy’s Night Out/Tea Room dont mix but this was a very British/Monty Python dream. And yes, John Cleese was doing silly walks. Well, when we opened the doors the room was filled with "mature"ladies and the squeals of excitement rattled the chandeliers. There were a lot of very comical double takes and fumbling on the part of the gentlemen as they adjusted to a Date Night but then everyone begin pairing off. At this point, Steve ( a local dealing in illicit items) appeared and begin bumbling bear like amongst the ladies until he found one to his liking. You would have to know Steve to see how comical this was. We marched outside and into the gardens. There was a children’s swing set in the middle of the garden and somehow a skunk had gathered her children in the double seated glider. Everyone got very fumbly and nervous and the ladies (actually Michael Palin was one of the ladies) got all shrieky. Steve stepped forward with a solution. He grabbed one side of the glider and gave it a mighty shove. Skunks flew everywhere! Ladies and their hats went flying! The Pythons ran every which way tripping and bumping into each other! Then the thunderstorm outside woke me up. Thank goodness! Busy dreams are not restful!

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