Great Danes, Siamese Cats, fiesta, fighter planes, matador and gardenias

There must be a drawing in here for me…but I cant draw airplanes and flowers just dont interest me right now. Maybe Great Danes and Cats…. I have to write this dream down before I forget it. I was walking around downtown during a fiesta and I ran into an old friend…it turned out to be my husband when I first met him long hair and all. We wandered around until we ran into more friends and they took us to their house. The rooms had really tall ceilings and the walls were all painted different colours each. ONe doorway had a curving Alhambra type arch and the inner part had blue and white tiles inlaid. I sat on a staircase behind a man in a big rocking chair. They were playing a recording from the fiesta of Mariachi music and in the background you could hear a woman singing traditional Japanese songs. On the wall in front of me was a huge painting 8′×10′ of a WWII propeller plane flying through a sky full of big fat clouds. The painting was realistic except like Dali in that the plane (blue with 2 red stripes on the nose) only appeared in sections as though someone had chopped parts out and the clouds were sliced in half like huge marshmallows. I smelled something spicy cooking so I went into the kitchen and someone was cooking a stew on the stove. The siamese cat was trying to get on the stove so I picked it up. The cat started batting towards the ceiling. There were carvings of birds and fishes in all sorts of colours…aqua, turquoise, burnt sienna. They were flat and about 12″×8″×3″ . Some more cats wondered into the room and then I followed them into the dining room. On the table was a painted wooden statue of a matador/soldier type. He was life size and attached to the back his head and feet was a beautiful carved frame painted cream coloured with streaks of silver and sky blue. I was stroking the smooth frame when it fell over. I tried to pick it up and put it back on the table but like those little plastic/wooden toys of figures with a button on the bottom of their stand that collapse in sections when you press the button he collapsed in string connected sections and I couldnt pick him up. The cat was sitting on the fireplace hearth watching me and a Great Dane came in the room. I was worried for the cat but the cat jumped up and chased the Great DAne out of the room and then a second later all the cats came running into the room being chased by the Great Dane. The cats knocked over some chairs and leaped over the statue turned about and started chasing the Great Dane back out of the room. I looked above the fireplace and their was a large painting filled with gardenias…packed with creamy white gardenias and almost black green leaves. Off to on side was a face peeking through the flowers.

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