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I’ve been finishing my epic sci-fi novel! No, it isn’t just a vicious rumour… So, I’ve been away from RedBubble, (concentrating on the massive task of my final draft) for a while, and I’ll need to disappear again soon.

While I’ve been here, I’ve been honoured with features, all of which are very deeply appreciated:

‘Chivalry!’ was featured in “ImageWriting", “European Everyday Life” Groups – 27th October and “Equine Athletes” Group – 5th November 2009.

‘Yesteryear’ was featured in “Nostalgic Art and Photography” Group – 27th October 2009.

‘Balinese Fisherman’ was featured in “Going Coastal” Group – 26th October 2009.

‘Egyptian Dancer’ was featured in “Statues and Such” Group – 26th October 2009.

‘Coleus’ was featured in “Shapes & Patterns” Group – 31st October 2009.

‘Stonehenge’ was featured in “4 Winners Only” and won 2nd place in their “Lost civilizations” challenge – 4th November 2009.

‘Boo!’ was featured in “Mood & Ambience” Group – 4th November 2009.

‘Out Of Order’ was featured in “Bits and Pieces” and “Who are YOU to Judge?” Groups – 4th November 2009.

‘Ipanema Beach’ was featured in “Latin America” Groups – 4th November 2009.

‘Melissani Underground Lake’ was featured in “Monochrome” Group – 3rd November 2009.

‘Old Woman of the Mountains’ was featured in “Abstract Macro Urban Art” Group – 3rd November 2009.

‘Fern’ was featured in “Abstracts from Nature” Group – 3rd November 2009.

‘Raptorial Gaze’ was featured in “Eye Contact” Group – 7th November 2009.

‘Sit and Dream of Green’ was featured in “That One Great Shot” Group – 7th November 2009.

‘Giza Necropolis’ was featured in “All things Egyptian” – 7th November 2009.

‘Mosque of Muhammad Ali’ was featured in “All things Egyptian” – 7th November 2009.

‘Once Clothed in White, then Yellow Ochre’ was featured in “ThE fInE aRt Of pEEliNg PaINt” Group – 7th November 2009.

Thank you to everyone in the great RedBubble community and beyond who enjoy and support my creative work.

You can find all my featured photographs here

Wayne Gerard Trotman

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