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The Importance Of Tags

The Importance Of Tags

When you add new work on redbubble, don’t forget to complete the ‘Tags’ field.

Lots of redbubble users, will already know this, but the importance of tagging your work should not be under-estimated because it helps users of the site (potential customers perhaps), or people using search engines (such as google) to find your work.

The redbubble site currently allows users to add up to 50 tags to each item of work. The tags must be comma separated, e.g. national, trust, wiltshire.

As an example, if a user types in “city of london”, then a search engine will look for matches on key words like “city” and “london” in the Tags field of your work. If a match is found, your work (along with that of other enlightened users) will be displayed in response to the search.

This works really well with the Search facility on the redbubble site, but it can work using google searches also (obviously there’s more stuff out there on the web as a whole, but if your keywords are specific enough, you may be lucky).
Try it !!

The more matches you have, the greater “relevance” will be attached to your work by a search engine, meaning your work is more likely to be included in search results and is more likely to be found by customers looking for products on the web and it may help to increase your views and sales as a result.

There are different ways of tagging work – the obvious ones for photographers are to include the location of the shot, an indication of the subject matter and the genre (e.g. glamour, landscape, portrait, abstract, still life, wildlife, etc).

It’s also worth tagging your work when particular milestones occur, such as when an item of work has had 1000 views, has attracted a large number of comments or favourites, or has achieved multiple sales. Just add (for example) “500, plus, views”, “50, plus, comments” or “multiple, sales” to your Tags field.

Viewers of this post might like to share their own hints and tips by adding comments below.

A word of caution: there may be a short time lag between you saving your updated tags on redbubble and them being available for use by search engines – normally just a few minutes.

Hope this helps,

Howard (RedHillDigital photography)

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