Well, after a week of sitting bloodshot-eyed and twitchy next to the computer hoping someone would comment on my stories, I uploaded some holiday snaps and took a photo of my pencil.

Hey Presto! Attention!

I feel like a bit of a cheat, really. I know nothing about photography, I just cropped and twiddled til I thought they looked about right. I don’t even properly understand what terms like “saturation” and “contrast” mean in a photoshop-type context. But I got some positive feed back, for which I’m grateful, and now I’m pumped to go out and take some more photos. I’m going to korea early next year so there might be some opportunies there.

I’ve never been much chop with visual art… I can reproduce something from life reasonably well, thanks to a highschool friends mother who ran drawing classes and was very, very, patient. But I can never think of an original idea, and I can never tell when to stop working an image. Everything I tried in highschool ended up muddy and overworked.

There’s something very clean and simple about photography that appeals to me though. I think I’ll have a proper go at at it….

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