Still Kickin!!!

I have not been online much the past two months and I have missed a lot. It’s been a rough winter and so busy for me as well. But things are looking much brighter now. My illness has started to finally recede into the hell from whence it comes, for the time being and I am feeling better. I finally won my fight with the government and got my entitlement to my Canada Pension Disability benefits. They back paid me for two years so I was able to go out and buy a nice used convertible for the summer and I am so looking forward to putting the top down and cruising through the fresh mountain air!I should be able to purchase a better camera and equipment soon so I can get better at this photography thing, as the bug has bitten me good, and I so look forward to getting out into the surrounding countryside to see what I can find.Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write and inquire as to my well being.You are all so much appreciated and you brighten my day. I will try in the next few weeks to catch up with each and every one of you and view all your wonderful new works of art.

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