Sorry I haven't been around much lately.

It seems this winter has brought about some very interesting and unusual weather patterns. One day it is warm and balmy and the next it is freezing cold and miserable. there has been abundant snow where normally there is very little to no snow at all and at times the temperature has been plunging to extreme depths. Yesterday it was -32c and with the wind chill factored in it was even colder. many places even reached temps that were -50 to -64c! If you have ever experienced this type of cold you know it can be life threatening and dangerous.
Unfortunately this kind of weather plays extreme havoc with my body in that my particular type of arthritis is very sensitive to these weather conditions, and I have been having a lot more difficulty than usual this winter. My hips, ankles and hands are swollen and very sore, and my back is so swelled up that it makes every movement painful and exhausting.It’s been very hard to breath, to sit ,to stand up or to walk.
Therefore I have not been able to be online much and I am sure I have missed an awful lot of the new and wonderful work being uploaded to the site. But not to worry I have been thinking of you all and I have also been brainstorming lot’s of new ideas for some new work to come myself. I remain positive and i don’t let my illness get me down. I may have a lot of pain and my ability to move around and do much is somewhat limited at the moment but it doesn’t interfere with my creativity or my ability to be happy and joyful and just thankful to be alive. It will take a lot more than this illness to stop me!
“Life is not as much about the number of breaths one takes as it is about the number of moments that leave one breathless and exhilarated.’” I can’t remember exactly where i read this quote or where it came from but it came to mind and it seems very appropriate. I hope I never lose the ability to be amazed,surprised and left in breathless awe of the beauty and wonder that is life itself.
So please bear with me and forgive my frequent absences, and my current inability to keep up with all that is happening. I may not be able to comment on a lot of the new works individually, but I will try my best to look at as much work as I am able to and as soon as this flare up decides to recede into the dark hell from where it comes, I will be back in full force and ready to fly forward. Life is fleeting, and I fully intend to make the most of it for as long as I am blessed with the breath in my lungs and the flow of it’s essence through my body and soul.

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