NEVER forgotten

Eclipsed by a shadow.

Slowly exhaling with tears. I embrace the wonderment of NOT knowing. Of NOT understanding.

Clarity in turmoil.




Unafraid Fear.

My greatest fear is losing you to the ways of the world.


In silence… / On Guard… / Waiting… / Watching… / Listening… / I wait…

Comfort my Darkness.

…Ripped from your grasp I am flung again…

Tear stained words

How can I break free from these gnarled barbed chains of which I can’t even see?

Archaic Litany. (My prayer for you… From my…

Your soul be troubled not. / Search within for peace.


Enticing my inner core to climb out / from the chaos of the rocky abyss. / And into your mouth.

Blue Moon Rising.

I’ve travelled this path so long alone. / A wandering nomad of flesh and bone.

The Land In My Dreams

We’ll see with our hearts and speak only with love.

An Eternal Moment.

Through my eyes I see what is. An eternal moment.


A smile.

Farewell Demon.

Facing my Demon. Glaring at it DEAD in the face.

Our Warmth.

Heartbeats sounded we both would have heard. / Silently we floated without a word.

Without you.

Although I never met you. / I miss you every day.

Not good enough.

The simplest need. / A Mother’s unconditional love.

Almost missed it…….

An Angel’s breath whispers so quietly. / I faintly hear the words. / The noise and chaos in my mind almost doesn’t hear. / The …

I – Of silent tears -

For too long now I have wept in silence for who I shall never be. / And each and every day I feel closer to the death that I passionately c…


I’ll be what I can. / To get me by.

The Queen – Reigning Supreme.

The magic of Eternity

Good Girl.

Suddenly the room felt so small and felt like it was closing in on me.

Confusion. Distortion. Lament.

Then from deep within comes the whispered growl. / Of the ancients within me urging me on.




I walk al0ne in moonlight. / I walk alone in sun.


Boris by Rebeladdict


When suddenly the chaos of this world becomes so disgustingly irrelevant.
Warrior Princess by Rebeladdict eddie 02 by Rebeladdict


It’s time to fly. / It’s time to soar. / It’s time to let my spirit ROAR!


With broken hearted tears in her eyes she sits with him smoothing her hands up his nose, over his head and down the back of his neck.


Wanting for the darkness. / Wanting for the light.


I cannot reach out and touch his flesh. / I can reach out and feel his warmth. / I cannot sit next to him today. / I can sit and sense him …

Silent dreams.

In her dream he holds her. Silently. / His kiss – The most delicate soft. / His touch – Her breath, away it takes. / His eyes – Danci…

A woman’s tears.

Her heart. / Her breath. / Her flesh. / Her soul.
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