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Most of my writing is auto-biographical. / I wrote to rid myself of the horrible rubbish in my life, I found it extremely cathartic. I...

C'est la vie!

Poetry - autobiographical


Oh no, you can’t come out. / Go back inside and wait. / You’ll make me say or do / something, I am going to hate. / Please don’t come out /…

Cry Rape


The Child Without

No childish games, memories or laughter / No little girl’s things, to remember years after / Not learning the skills to be a good mo…

You and I

You bleed – I cry / I feed – you are nourished / You live – I die / I am hated – you are cherished


What made you into the monster / who made me go so wild? / Could I have stopped it? / No,…. / because I was just a child

My Son

He was OUR baby boy, born to ME and YOU / Lived a tiny life, with fingers and toes brand new / I hate to see you cry and I can not stop you…

The Worm Turns

Curse the mental torture! / Damn the very thought. / To hell with confusion. / With anguish, I am fraught. / Life of ups and downs, / settl…

No More !!!

Carry on my friend / Cos you’re never coming back / Hit me till my life’s gone / Or hit me now and go!

Can You See Me ?

You touch me / still / with zombie fingers

La Hermana

I didn’t hate you when I did it / it was purely out of anger / I snapped the hairbrush handle / like a bottle on a bar

Silent Scream

Oh, god where’s it coming from? / Thru’ fingers like dry sand. / I know I haven’t cut myself / but there’s blood upon my hand.

Bruised and Battered

I can’t believe I fall / for your tears every time / because your tears are nothing, / when you compare them to mine

Suicide Note

My tears fell. That was something new / For I hadn’t shed one tear for you / Speaking to me from beyond the grave / Asking forgiveness, you…


Parents hid visions / of sex from me / There’s something / they didn’t know / I had been / …


Goodbye, you dirty pervert - / time to leave my thoughts, / I’ve replaced you many times / with so many horrors.

Child’s Play

Why did he have to do / all those really nasty things / I hate it running down my legs / when I haven’t got a hankie

What Caused The Real Pain

Could it have been your hand / or was it the garden cane. / Perhaps the words and volume / That caused the real pain

Suicide Pact

Here I am, too much to take in / The news is out, my head’s in a spin / I can’t face the music, I’m not that strong / I hide from my shame …


I just heard a dog / barking in the street. / I’m back to reality, where / my fate, I have to meet. / As I lie here mindless, / I’ve switch…

Mother Dearest !!

I should be really hoping / that you will come thro / It seems so stupid now / but how can I talk to you?


If today had never come, / tomorrow we would never see. / Yesterday would last forever / and no future would there be.


Why am I so gullible? / You’d think that I would learn / That so shall you reap / Then, so shall you …… burn !


This terrible hurt I feel. / The awful sorrow inside.


Tempers boil. / Feeling crazed. / Fists fly. / Voices raised.


time will heal body and soul


Where is, my baby? / What have, I done? / Conceived too young, / So now it’s gone. / A boy or a girl / I will never know.

Brave Face to Save Face

If they could see her now / …that brave little girl, / who could face it on her own / The nights she cries, / ‘Please don’t lea…


Say you love me. / Say goodbye. / Say you love another.

Life’s A …..

If I could think of a term / to describe my life. / It would tell of the loneliness / of a divorced wife.


When you were young / you would never have know
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