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This is a Photo artwork I did and it goes with the message the Lord gave me September 1 /2012 this is for the Whosoever you are that Reads it ? If your reading this it’s From God to You, it’s up to you what you do with it? It’s up to God what He decides to Do with a people that don’t listen and obey Him,His Word. I am a yielded obedient Vessel and the Lord gave this to me as I was reading and Praying Sept 1/2012 If ?????? Given an Opportunity I would stand up at church and say I have something to share,that Father God has given me, but I been dealling with that for over 34 years, they don’t won’t to hear they don’t want to listen, most of them want me to shut up,but I won’t, I will obey God always and period. He tells us its better to obey than sacrifice and to have the Fear of God and not Man, well I don’t fear man, I fear God,respect God, Honor God,so I am sharing this with whosoever will listen.God can use who ever He wants to, it just so happens He is using me at this time to add this Message here. (a short link to my word from the Lord on (
September 1, 2012 ( if i made some mistakes in my english or grammar please forgive me, I am not a english teacher. lol.)

So You do not Think You Need to Repent?
Think Again!
1 Thess 4:16 Not my message just felt to review the word’s I heard on a radio this morning. Apathy: Lack of interest or concern, especially, in important matters, impassiveness, without feeling, all this points to (cold love) a spirit of cold love the Lord tells us of in the Word concerning the last days. Prayer: Help me (I added my name here) Lord I ask? You said ask and so I do; and I receive all from you in this area that which I need. Thank you Lord there is NO lack in any area of my life, that includes loving God and the things of God. The things that interest you my Lord and the things you are concerned about and care about and what is (IS) important in Agape. I also am full and overflowing and complete in HIM, in Christ Jesus, I have no lack, I am 100% totally interested and concerned with all that concerns, thee, and what you my Lord call important so do I, and they are all important to me also. I curse the spirits of Apathy, complacency; (self-satisfaction, contented-self satisfaction, lack of concern again here as Apathy is mentioned. I bind up and curse for two these spirits and all the spirits that go with these, mediocrity, passivity. (Mediocrity; moderate to inferior in quality; ordinary, middle (grey-zone), lukewarm, God calls it. I bind up mediocrity also and Luke warmness and curse them and loose them these I just mentioned to go back to hell where they came from never more to return and all the spirits that go with them, like, complacency, contented self satisfaction ( lack of concern, once again) as in Apathy, passive-passivity. I bind and loose also as the others, I just mentioned to go to hell where they came from, I strike these all deaf dumb and blind, paralyze them powerless in Jesus Name concerning me. (I added my name here; all those Lord has given me to pray for. All those truly In Christ Jesus, the sons of God through out all the earth, all of Gods called all of Gods chosen). The true church people it is not a building, it is a people called the church-The true church, I pray for. Procrastination: passivity, no resistance, accepting or submitting without resistance, compliant-not participating, not acting, or not operating, we are here talking about the Word of God, a walk with God, a relationship with God, a Christian lifestyle that is not moving, not growing not working, faith without works is dead. Think about it, a knot on a log never moves, it just sit’s there until it rots and returns to the dust, think about it? God is The River of LIFE, and He is in us and moving-working, acting and being and is the Word living in Life, performing. We the church, the true people of God, the church must move, work, act, perform, operate, participate, with God, obey to the end, it’s a MUST, faith without works is DEAD! Inactive ( in God) and all that does mean, from not going to church, to not paying your tithes, not praying , not reading, not caring, not being concerned with the things of God, IN-Active-In The River of Life, these things must not be and have to stop. Or your just as lost as the lost, they do the same things in life, nothing, and worth nothing is what the lost people do every day of their lives. Void, useless, worthless acts, works, participations, another reason the Lord showed me (from the radio what is going on and seemingly silently, quietly IN the church. The people ( not all) but many, many, many, in the church, have become, and are and have given place, face, thoughts acts, works, participations, in apathy, complacency, mediocrity, passivity, inactive, In God (at this time in Life, all can see it. You can see unfaithfulness, in a people who were the people of God, as of many, Father God speaks to us about the spirit of Cold-Love in the Word, concerning the last times, in the last days. Back to the spirit’s as identifying the problems: No resisting of evil: resist the devil and he will flee, do not resist him, he will stay and destroy, he comes to kill steal and destroy, and destruction of (? These people ) who do not resist him; he is behind the Apathy, complacency, mediocrity, compliance to all that which is not good, evil and wicked, passivity, here’s another one, Procrastination, this is also a big one; Procrastinate: a spirit behind it’s nature and character and act’s like this-putting it off. These ones start saying , I’ll read my bible tomorrow, I’ll pray later, I’ll pay my tithes next Sunday, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, and they never do. Then it get’s into a flowing habit of I will…do…it, later, and then (these thins are never done). Unfaithfulness is a brother to procrastination, comes out of habitual carelessness, or laziness, spirit of carelessness and laziness here are two more evil spirits that are kin to Apathy, mediocrity, passivity, complacency, unfaithfulness, procrastination. All of these are bad-hellish out of hell spirits, and are running ramped through the Church ( not a building but a people, who gave them place, face, and opportunity, position, yielding to them, obeying them, working them, acting like them, and this I have mentioned come from a nature and a character -→ Satan’s. All these and only one can disqualify a person from LIFE, the running the race of life and keep them from finishing the race of life, and all the other things-(can destroy their walk with God…on and on and on. If these people continue in these hellish spirits. Does the church need to repent? YES and quickly (the people of God) not all, but the Lord showed me Many, many, many. Habitual carelessness alone will kill you, Who ever you are. Laziness, Lazy; resistance to work, think about it? The things of God (resistance to do them! Slow moving, sluggish, unfaithful, undoing, non-working, idleness, passiveness, complacency, mediocrity, procrastination, to Father God all these and their kin are sin, all these and only one of these if given place to and face to, whosoever ye yield your members to————→ you become a servant of it! Are you a servant of apathy? Complacency? Mediocrity? Passivity? Procrastination? Laziness? Idleness? Not resisting evil? Not a doer of the Work of God, the Word? Think about all of this, shake yourself with a Holy Shake and by the help of God and His anointing, and pray against all of these and all the others God will show you if You ASK? And if you pray? If, if, if, if , if , if, if , if, ??????? I you ask and pray, Repent First or He will not hear you, for you see your sin’s have separated you from God, already and you think your doing fine. I by the Lord in me He exhorts you to re-examine thy self once again and quickly for the day is late, and the time is at hand. The Word of God tells us He is not winking at sin no more, that was a long, long time ago. Repent and then pray for ye have given place to these evils and wickedness, I the Lord God see All things and know all things, so to whom so ever this concerns, You REPENT, stop looking at your neighbor, they can already see these things going on in your life. It is not hid and laziness, unfaithfulness, apathy, unconcerned-ness, No reading our bible, not praying, on and on and on, not paying your tithes. All can see, now who told you I could not see? That is another lie, for one look at the word diligence, NT Heb 11:6 but without faith, it is impossible to please Him, define faith, out of God’s dictionary. A worker of the Word, a person who acts, obeys, does, faithfully what the Word of God says we as Christian need to do—-Faith, walk by faith, for he she that cometh to God MUST believe that He – God ( IS ) and a rewarder of them ( ? ) that do what? Diligently, SEEK HIM God are you doing that? Many, many, many are NOT, and yet they have in their minds, convinced and persuaded themselves that they do and are and have been. I the Lord God would say unto you——> NO your NOT! Not all, but many, many, many, are not, they are believing a lie, lies. The lie’s come in at your point of obeying apathy, complacency, mediocrity, passivity, laziness, idleness, unfaithfulness, disobedience to the Word—-Who IS God. That is where the lies came in. Now you actually believe you are diligently seeking me and you never read your bible, or study to show yourself approved a workman rightly dividing the Truth. 2 Timothy2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Many, many, many, of you are not reading your bible no more, forget the praying part that stopped first, then the reading of the Word stopped. Yes, I am talking to YOU can you hear me yet? You all know who? You are, I surely know all, saith the Lord God. There are many, many, who think they are in the race of life and they run no more, yet they in their minds are believing a lie and lie’s, like this one, your still in the race of life and running and running and running—-The Lord God would say NO your NOT! REPENT while you have time saith the Lord God-Repent and in this order, think not to pray first, I can’t hear you ( the many, many, many, who do such things as I have spoken here, REPENT NOW saith the LORD!

P.S. Post Script; I Ardith was just sitting down to read and pray, I remember this very morning on the Christian radio this man talking about apathy complacency, all that. I listened, when I sit down I began to think ( today is 08/30/2012) my scripture of the day is 1 thess 4:16—-Then I begin to think about the man on the radio, what he said, 6 pages later, God had something to say, so at page 1 I begin to define apathy, all that. Then the next think I know I was writing and praying and writing, 6 pages later, The LORD was doing the writing not me, So now I perceive to type this up and put it online for all to see. Before I do that, I am going to do my reading, praying, and talking to the Lord this morning. I will type the six pages up after I do the first things, first, spending time with my Lord.

Sign: Evangelist Ardith Shold

O by the way I can’t make anyone repent, remember it is a gift of God also, you have to ask for the gift of repentance or you cannot even say you are sorry or you repent! Once again, it starts with (?)? ASKING God!

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