Thanks to RedBubble : I give thou my heart

Thanks to RedBubble!

RedBubble … a great site, that only I can tell in one word.

It gives users the creative freedom, gives the artist the possibility to get some cash, provides some good quality products for your home or office, spread your work accross the globe, and also most importantly, a lounge for all of you to discuss and generate ideas and exchange them. Now they are giving the option to make your own site. Is not that awesome ?
How I found it ? As I remember, I was Googling for the term ‘image site’ or something like it. Thanks God! I asked for a drop of water, I got an ocean. Now I am really enjoying my stay over here. those Challenges that come up from time to time, exploration of the Groups, disscussions on serious issues like Racial Discrimination, suggestions to improve redbubble and finally improvement of myself.

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