art is for the good not to spread hate

I have looked at several persons art recently and 99% of it is wonderful but I have noticed some art work in the media recently that is hateful it is our jobs as artist to bring out things in life that are great, good, make people question things sometimes be on the fringes and question. Not spread hate and discontent as a Native born American with all that comes with it (My family is varied from different backgrounds) but for the most part have roots in Virginia for 400 years I myself do not always agree with what our leaders do ie war in iraq. However we can disagree with out spreading hate and discord artist though out the ages have done this. You have to use creativity and artistic expression to show your displeasure in a mindful and intilecctual way not blatant and in your face that will not last the test of time but subduded and mindful will last centuries look back to the past for the root of the future lay there.

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