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  • Front panel is edge-to-edge custom printed just for you
  • Sublimation transfer technique prints crisp, bold colors
  • Note that due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview
  • Printed front panel is 96% polyester, 4% spandex. Solid color back panel, sleeves and neck bind are 100% cotton
  • Graphic T-shirts feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
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Spring Sky at Smith's Beach
Designed by RC deWinter
*© 2015 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved* ::: *at the beach* ::: *_there must have been a million stars sprinkled across the sky the night we lay on damp sand making slow sweet love in the moonlight_* ::: *_no surely that's exaggeration but it seemed as though everything that could twinkle was peeking down at us_* ::: *_i remember the not-unwelcome scrape of your beard a lover's sandpaper smoothing my skin and the taste of you_* ::: *_dark and rich and as salty as the sea that sang its endless melody to its benevolent overseer the smiling silver moon_* ::: *_and how you laughed when i softly bit your lip then stopped as i slowly slid my mouth an audacious explorer_* ::: *_down down down stopping only when i reached those measureless unlit depths you kept hidden from the world_* ::: *_and how we cried out triumphant as we merged seamless until there was no telling where either of us began or ended_* ::: *_all this a familiar tide from another life washes back as i gaze up at another sky wondering which of those million stars is you_ © 2015 RC deWinter* ::: *Spring on the Bass Strait in Australia - looking away from the ocean at Smith's Beach, Phillip Island, Victoria, November 2014.* ::: Digital oils from an original photograph. Tech specs: Photoshop, DAP over Akvis Oils ::: !,441x415,w,ffffff.2.jpg! !,375x360,n,s,ZmVhdHVyZSBiYW5uZXIgZm9yIEltYWdlV3JpdGluZw%3D%3D,ffffff.jpg!
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Graphic T-Shirt

Spring Sky at Smith's Beach by RC deWinter