WMG Epic Cover Art Challenge Winner

We have a winner!

I’m so excited to say that this the cover for our next blogazine. I’ll be contacting Cathryn Swanson shortly in regards to her write up. Her cover is now our group icon until the next blogazine release.

Thank you all who had taken the time to enter and everyone who had voted. If you’d like to revisit all the entries please click here.



Sugar High Overall Winner

Sugar High has been a great challenge and great fun. The results were so close that it came down to the last vote to decide the grand champion.


Jastoffer’s story 100 Caramel Apples was voted the winner, bringing the Short Stories Group the crown and glory for the groups.

The Runner-up was Damian’s The Exuberance of Youth, ensuring"WMG": received second place for the groups.

Well done guys. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in this competition. You have all made this multi-group challenge a wonderful success.

Sugar High Halloween Competition Finalists

Here they all are, the group winners that will now arm wrestle for the overall winning position!…

For the Short Stories group, jastoffer with 100 Caramel Apples
For the Flash Fiction group, Marty Yokawanis with Jacki O
For the Writers Market group, Damian with The Exuberance of Youth
For A Novel Idea, Gayla Drummond with Halloween Happening
For the Twisted Tales group, Banal Heed with Sugar High

Well done all!

Now we open to public voting to decide the winner. Voting is open to everyone (entrants are not to vote for their own story). Send your votes to be compiled here at the WMG account

Vote for your first and second choice, where 1st will get 2 points and second 1 point. The story with the most points wins. Voting will run from now through to Sunday night and be tallied after that. The winne

Sugar High Group Winner and Multi-group Finalist

Thank you all for making our first challenge a huge sucess. Very happy with the entries and the results were so close I had to go back and recheck my totals to make sure I had added them up right.…

Thank you all who voted. I know the voting system needs tweaking but I hope the next time our group runs a challenge it will be within the group “Challenge” page.

Now to the results and without dilly-dallying further, the winning story for stage one of this challenge is

Damian’s The Exuberance of Youth

Runners Up

PJ Ryan’s Which treat would a witch treat you with?

Cathryn Swanson’s Evelyn’s Halloween

Paul Rees-Jone’s Invisible

Danny’s Always choose treat

Judi Taylor’s A stranger on All Hallows Eve

Damian’s profile and winning story will be featured in the group gallery. All stories that w

[Book Plug] Reggie The Evil Milkshake

What is more courageous than standing in a cage full of hungry lions? Self publishing.

Arletta has a graphic novel titled Reggie The Evil Milkshake available for sale at

It’s available as book an eBook and print copy, and the price is very modest, starting at a low $5.00.

About the book
Man versus milkshake in an epic battle for love.

Recommend a squizz.

Genre: Comedy, romance and all that fun stuff.

[Achievements] Nicole Ryan

I know I’ve mention Nicole’s published story in Sydney Child, which I have a copy of by the way and it’s fantastic.

Did you know that Australian has accepted one of her stories for an appearance to their online magazine site later this month?

Congrats Nicole and keep up the fabulous work. Oh and I hope you enjoy the copy of Australian Reader’s “Australia’s Best Poetry 2008” you won for being a subscriber to their newsletter.

[Book Launch] I Hate Cinderella

Amanda is a member of this group who is achieving her writing ambitions. Well done Amanda. Look forward to the release.…

You’re Invited To A Book Launch!

About the book

Forget the fairytale. Make your own!

I hate Cinderella is the debut novel of award-winning photographer Amanda Cole. Based on a dream she had on a plane shortly after a relationship break up, it’s an inspirational fairytale-style story for grown ups. With plenty of empathy and imagination I hate Cinderella is for anyone who has ever had a broken heart, cried for days and been unable to eat, sleep or concentrate.

“I fell asleep on a plane and dreamt about hope and life after a break up,” says author Amanda Cole. It was a really powerful dream that was so intense and so clear in my mind after I woke up, I just felt I sho

[Opportunity] Words And Images

Market: Experimental/Literary
Genre: Open
Takes: Short Stories and Poetry (see their website for details)
Payment: Please check site for details…

Words and Images is a literary journal published by the University of Southern Maine. We are pretty eclectic (erratic?) in our tastes, and will therefore consider pretty much anything. Genre fiction, experimental work, Literature (with a capital L): whatever you have that you’d like to throw our way. Mostly we’re interested in pieces that push the boundaries of convention and form, without: a) becoming incoherent; b) becoming lifeless, hollow, empty; c) sacrificing emotion for effect. We’re looking for popular experimentation. We want work for large groups of people to read and feel intelligent for doing so, therefore becoming a better large

[Book Plug] The Bunyip of Boobera

Title: The Bunyip of Boobera

Author: Damian Herde.
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Type: Short

This is Damian’s first eBook publication, which came about from a contest WMG held earlier in the year. I was lucky enough to have Mystic Moon Press agree to a contest for the group when we were first starting out. I was quite delighted with the stories entered and the results. Three stories were selected for the finals. Mystic Moon Press chose the winning story which, of course, was Damian’s

For more information about the story, please visit Damian’s post. Since this competition, Damian has had a few successes with his stories here and other places such as Australian

[Book Plug] Always The Night


Always The Night by Kate Smith

Fate has a cruel sense of humour and Alex Delacourt has never appreciated it as much before. To keep the love of his life safe from the dark surrounding him, he has to leave without ever touching her skin, without speaking so much as a word to her.

But Fate has other plans. The night calls Mina out of her safe zone and into the spellbinding.

Mystic Moon Press

Genre: Vampire, Supernatural, Dark Fantasy

[Opportunity] Dossier

Payment: Unknown
Publisher’s Blurb: “Dossier is a bi-annual arts and culture journal incorporating fashion, photography, creative writing, art, music and culinary pursuits. Inspired by the French word for file, we have no themes, features or specific guidelines. We’re independently published and owned.”

Please check Dossier for more information

[!]Epic Blogazine Requires Your Writing!

EPIC is the title of the next blogazine. I hope it proves to be an anthology bigger than……

Ben Hur

For the next blogazine I’m looking for Member Writers who want to show off a crown jewel.

Each member has the opportunity to have one piece of writing featured in the next blogazine. It can be a short story, poem, lyric, flash fiction or teaser to a longer story. The word limit range is from 30 – 5000 words. All submissions must be linked as a comment to this post to be counted.

The layout for each of the writing pieces will be similar to the recent blogazine’s featured writing. Since this might be a big job, I won’t be emailing drafts or asking for bios. I will include links to bubble portfolios and credit to ensure there is an opportunity for people to find out more about the Writer

[!]Reviewing Writing Pieces (Sugar High)

I received a very good question via bubble mail recently in regards to scoring a piece on grammar and such. The below is the answer I sent:

Good question and one answer could be how the story is written. If the story is written in UK English then it would be ideal to consider the story in this way. If you are unfamiliar with the UK style, review the story on the basics. There really isn’t much difference between the grammar styles other than a few words and quote marks.

Another option is to review the piece on what you know and how you perceive it. At the end of the day it’s your vote.

I hope that helps with others who were thinking the same thing.

[!] Sugar High!

WMG is part of a multi-group competition. Halloween fuelled by sugar!

Five groups have come together in a writing challenge to welcome Halloween.
The participating groups are Short stories – Spherical Scriptings; Flash Fiction; A Novel Idea; The Writers Market and Twisted Tales.

Background and Inspiration
Halloween is coming, and in many countries this means dressing up and trick or treating! Oh the horror; embrace the sugar…!

How to be a part of it
Create a written work that captures the essence of Halloween, from the dark and spooky to the bright and tacky.

Add your work to the group, and paste a link to it in this journal entry, so the host know it’s an entry!

How it will work for WMG
This is a two stage competition. The first part happens within the five groups, and the second part happen

[Challenge] National Novel Writing Month

Or commonly known as “nanowrimo” which sounds more like a funky new ipod than a writing event. Many Writers will know this is a big and challenging event. For those who finish on or before the deadline, just knowing your did it is a prize in itself. So I guess you can say this is the world marathon for Writers.…

Official details below.

National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

Valuing enthusiasm and perseverance over painstaking craft, NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved.

Because of the limited writing window, t

[Competition] Great American Song Contest

Deadline: 3 weeks
Takes: Lyrics
Please see the site for further information.

How many times have you wished you could get your songs heard and reviewed by qualified music-industry professionals? Or wished for a way to get recognition for your songwriting, to promote your songs to publishers, producers and music media?

The Great American Song Contest™ is uniquely designed to provide these very opportunities — and to benefit every songwriter, lyricist and composer who participates.

The Great American Song Contest

[Info] Song Lyricists, Music Composition

The following information has been taken from the Song Writer’s Resource Network. I’ve been receiving a few requests from people who write lyrics, and stumbled upon this article which may help.

For talented lyricists willing to develop their lyric writing skills and market their songs, there are good opportunities in today’s music business.

Every great song needs a great lyric. Every Elton John needs a Bernie Taupin. Every Andrew Lloyd Webber needs a Tim Rice.

Clearly, memorable songs require well-written lyrics and skilled lyric writing, and the music business will always need talented song lyricists.

To illustrate this, check out the songwriting credits of songs recorded in Nashville these days. Rarely will you see only one songwriter listed under the title of any particular song.


[Opportunity] The Externalist

Market: Online Journal
Payscale: Non Paying
Genre: Moral, political.
Takes: Short Stories and poetry.
Please see site for more details.

The Externalist

We are actively seeking quality art and photography for future issues.

Please follow these guidelines precisely. We receive an incredible amount of junk mail and submissions with odd subject headers are almost sure to sneak by us and into our spam folder. Submissions sent to the incorrect editor will no longer be forwarded to the correct one or read by the editor who received it.

Note: We do not publish chapbooks or books of any genre and will not consider these as submissions.

Go here for full details

[Competition] Global Short Story Competition

Taken from the Sydney Writers’ Center newsletter.

Author Bill Bryson – who has written books such as A Short History of Nearly Everything and Down Under – is supporting the Global Short Story competition.

The competition is designed to appeal to writers everywhere from Australia to Africa, the United States to Asia, to Europe and all over South America.

Each month, a winning story and a highly commended work will be selected to receive a cash prize. Winning stories will be posted on their website. At the end of twelve months, each winner will be considered for an annual cash prize.

Details here

[Workshop] NYWF Interactive Narrative Co-Lab

If you’ve ever wanted to take your writing off the page and into the world of online gaming, interactive narrative or experimental narrative art, this is for you.…

NYWF and the Electrofringe festival have teamed up to bring you the Interactive Co-Lab.

Interaction designers and media artists often have great ideas for non-linear interactive story-telling frameworks, but they lack the writing skills to produce truly compelling work. On the other hand us writers have no shortage of storytelling skills, but are usually confused by the technological expertise required to implement an online or interactive project.

This Co-lab is aimed at bridging that gap by connecting writers and interactive specialists. It will create a platform for discussing and implementing innovative interactive story tel

[Opportunity] Mundania Press

Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Takes: Short Story – Novel
Payment: Royalties
See their website for more information.

Publisher’s Blurb
Mundania Press selects books based on the quality of writing, story entertainment value, and sales potential. We are open to first-time authors, as well as authors who have been previously published and want to put their books back into print.

Mundania Press’s website

[Opportunity] Windstorm Creative

Genres: Multiple genres
Takes: Poetry – Novels
Payment: Royalties
See the website for more informaton.

Publisher’s Blurb
Founded in 1989, Windstorm Creative is a traditional, independent publisher with eight divisions. Our staff are required to be published authors or artists. Loyalty, dedication and a passion for the industry are prerequisites. We specialize in work that’s enduring and unique. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable book to read or an established publisher, you’ve come to the right place. Meet the family behind the company.

Windstorm Creative’s website

[Opportunity] Comet Press

Note: Under 6 months old
Genre: Horror/Suspense
Takes: Short stories – Novels
Payment: Royalties
See their website for more information.

Publisher’s Blurb
Comet Press is a royalty-paying small press, publishing a few exceptional titles per year. We are currently seeking horror, suspense, and dark crime fiction but plan on expanding in the near future to include non-fiction, so check back with us occasionally. New authors are welcome as well as established authors who have been previously published and want to put their books back into print.

We explore every avenue of publishing methods, from traditional, to print on demand, to ebooks, depending on the scope of the project.

Comet Press Website

[!] Please Support Our Writers On

May they be big or small. It’s gratifying to see writers finding their way in-print in some form, and even more so when they have works available for sale in places such as Amazon.

The ANI group has kept track of their writers who have books available for sale at These writers also belong to our group.

I highly recommend perusing this link for tasty stories one can sink their teeth into.

The prices are very modest, stories just as good as those you’d find in any book store if not better and ,most importantly, purchases will be supporting our own writers.

Why not have a look today.

[Festival] National Young Writers' Festival

When: 2-6 October
Where Newcastle, NSW, Australia…

From the Festival’s site…

The National Young Writers’ Festival is Australia’s premier event for emerging writers, publishers, performers and trouble-makers. Several thousand of the country’s most challenging and original young minds will descend upon Newcastle for a five day creative bender. Far from the seas of white hair, book signings and celebrity author worship you might expect, the NYWF is a DIY, hands-on conversation between equals.

In 2008, we turn 10! Join us to celebrate with bogan stubby-holder poetry, radical new forms of decentred publishing, hyper-nerdy discussion of plot & character development, passionate debates the cultural and political futures of the country, and some of the best parties you’ve stumbled across in a long

[Opportunity] New Love Stories Magazine

Takes: Poetry and Short Stories (see site for details)
Payment: Yes at professional rates (see site for more details)
Media: Print
Publisher overview:

Romance – Open to all/most themes.
The overall theme should involve short stories of Male/Female love and romance. These stories may be contemporary, historic, inspirational, paranormal, or any other theme as long as love and romance are the main thrust of the story.

New Love Stories Magaine Website

[Opportunity]Every Day Poets

NOTE Site is under six months old
Payment: Minimal at “can of coke” payment.…

From their site…

For The Contributor

Every Day Poets is offering you several unique incentives to publish your poem here. Since we publish a short bio and link back to your website or blog, you can consider your poem as being a kind of advertisement for your collection or other writing. This is an opportunity to get your writing seen and get your name out there. We will also allow a link to your work on Amazon to help you drive your own sales.

We recognize that your efforts to promote your work will benefit our magazine so we hope to continue the custom of interviewing the author of the poem that gets the most (unique) page views every month and posting that on the site. That gives you a great opportunity to tal

[Opportunity] Abandon Towers

New publishing market. Open to most genres and themes, please check their guidelines.

We are looking for fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Our mission is to provide good, quality entertainment to a wide audience. [There is no monetary payment for submissions accepted for the online version, but payment is offered for submissions accepted for the print/pdf issues.]

Abandon Towers website

[Workshop]How to get your book published

Where: Sydney Australia
Who: Sydney Writers’ Centre
Specifications Below:…

If you want to join the ranks of Jen, William and Louise, we can help you!

Come to our How to get your book published seminar and Geoff Bartlett will tell you what you need to know to turn that dream into reality.

The seminar will cover how to write a winning book proposal, approaching publishers, procuring an agent, how much you should write
 before approaching a publisher, editing and reediting your work and all the other ins and outs of mainstream book publishing.

Here’s what past participant Eric Grayson had to say about the course:
“Geoff was very approachable and had excellent advice. All of the questions I had in mind when I booked the seminar were answered in one way or another. Geoff knew the industry really w

[Partnership]The Art of Books Group

I am really excited about the group Gayla Drummond has established for book cover work and related image work.

The Art of Books isolates the visual factor of book/writing promotion, and gives them their own platform to shine and more!

Since this is so, the Writers’ Market Group will no longer be accepting visual art works and will be removing the art and clothing gallery sections to concerntrate on promoting the writing itself.

WMG will work along side The Art of Books and likewise groups to further promote writers.

If you are keen to promote your book covers and related works, I highly recommend this group. Please make sure your read the terms first.



[!] 01 WMG Blogazine ISSUU Out Now!

It’s Here!

After a bit of time, effort and baby juggling (metaphorically speaking). I am proud to present the NEW FORMAT BLOGAZINE which will run, at this stage, on a quarterly basis.

There is a small gripe where I it seems the embedded links may not work. Otherwise, I’m happy with the outcome.

Here is the link to the blogazine. ISSUU Link

[!] WMG Road Map July 08 - Blogazine Lift

As if I haven’t been quiet enough with group activities, well, I’m going to be even more quiet and spend some time away, brewing up some new opportunities for the group.…

What is the latest plan of attack?

Why a flash feature magazine @ Issuu of course. The blogazine is getting a funky new facelift which would also ensure better copyright protection for works featured.

In the next few days, the blogazine will retire and be taken offsite. I will be creating a magazine style feature, pulling out featured works from the galleries.

If you are not keen to have your works included, please send me a bubble mail and I’ll ensure it is so. Otherwise, if your work is featured in the group it will likely be in the feature mag.

I’ll being working on a design to ensure this one will be more frequent

[Festival]Byron's Bay Writers Festival

Advised by AWM Online e-Bulletin
Byron Bay Writers Festival kicks off on 25 July and the AWM team will be there in force and blogging live from events. We’re sponsoring ‘Imagine this: writers talk ideas and where they come from’ on Sunday at 1.30pm in the SCU Marquee. If you’re going to be at the festival, don’t miss it!
For the full festival line up go to

[Competition] AU Writing Comps

Advised by AWM Online e-Bulletin
A selection of the competitions closing in July……

Newcastle Poetry Prize: Awarded annually to an unpublished poem or sequence of poems, in English, of up to 200 lines.
CLOSING DATE: 4th July PRIZE VALUE: $13,500 apportioned between three sections (Open, New Media and Local). Winners & Judges’ shortlist published in Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology, Book and CD-ROM.

Max Afford Playwrights’ Award: Established to promote interest in Australian drama, to encourage the writing of plays in Australia, and to support young writers of plays for stage, screen or TV.
CLOSING DATE: 4th July PRIZE VALUE: $7,500 cash plus expenses to a maximum of $2,000 for registration, accommodation and airline tickets to attend a reading of the winnin

[!]WMG Browser Toolbar

Another internet gadget which may assist in drawing traffic to the blogazine site is a customised toolbar for our group.

Here are instructions for the toolbar install and a display of what it looks like. Unfortunately, these instructions are for Internet Explorer only.

There are instructions for installing the toolbar to a Firefox browser, which can be found at this link. It seems straight forward, however I received an error when I tried to install mine. If your keen, you may give it a go. When you receive the error the install process rolls-back so you don’t have to worry about browser errors.

Button to Toolbar

Install Visual Instructions – IE Only

[!] WMG July 08 Road Map Update

Going forward, upward and beyond.

Who would have thought a few weeks could pass by so slowly it would seem they were months. So much trauma in my personal life has transpired which has taken a lot out of me. I won’t explain much here, but if your keen to know you can read this post or article.

Going forward…

I’m keen to work on the Blogazine again and post special features for selected works in the galleries. However, since my time is now limited I was wondering if others would be interested in sending me special features they would like to have posted to the Blogazine site.

If you have:

  1. done an interview with another writer from the group
  2. written up a promotional post about an upcoming story of yours or a collaboration
  3. anything else which would ensure traffic to your works within the g

[Opportunity]Brascoe Publishing (Australia and New Zealand)

Received by Fran

A small indie press located in the Adelaide Hills. Brascoe is staffed by young (under 30), excited (and excitable!) folk who are passionate about providing great service. They are most passionate about literature and developing writers, and about furthering editing and independent publishing in Australia.

Brascoe Publishing is offering 10% off all writer development and mentoring services to financial members of Arts Hub Australia, including those resident in New Zealand. To check out what’s on offer, visit Brascoe Books and check them out!


I must apologise, again, for not being active with group promotions and features. I’ll be less active in this way for a short while but will still look for work to feature in the group gallery and will see if our group could be involved in the homepage/feature page honours.

Special Feature: Wishbone & Podcasts

Since the daily feature has gone slightly pear shaped, I’ve re-badge it as a special feature.

The recent special feature is centred on a piece of promotional art in the group gallery titled “Wishbone” which is cover art for Kate Smith’s story.

Check out the feature for more details.

A Note On Podcasts
The blogtalkradio thing bombed out. So I’ve stuck with GCast in regards to the podcast feature introductions as it’s easy to upload and playback.

Here is the first audio feature introduction:

First BlogTalkRadio Session is about to begin

I’m hoping it will turn out alright. If this platform bombs, I’ll be looking into a more dedicated podcast platform such as GCast.

Update: Well the session bombed big time. It was so difficult to dial in and hear the session it ended before it began really. So, I’m looking into uploading the session as podcasts on GCast. At least it’s play on demand and easily accessible.

Writers' Market Group is on Blogtalkradio

Testing Avenues for WMG: Podcast

following on from my journal thoughts here, I’ve initiated a podcast at for the WMG group.

At this stage, I will use it as an audio introduction to the writing feature on the blogazine. I’ve yet to determine how regularly I’ll do this. I had hoped daily or weekly, but with my current time constraints can not guarantee.

However, I’ll be interested to see if people in the group would be interested in conducting their own audio promotions and interviews and whether they would be interested in having them uploaded to the WMG blogtalkradio site.

We’ll see how this fairs first.

Sorry About The Blogazine

Apologise for not updating the WMG Blogazine as I had intended. In the last few days I’ve been feeling low on energy and it seems my time is dictated by two yet to be born boys, minding kids and running a household. I’m on a race to finish my own projects before the new arrivals come about.

Sorry to all I’ve asked and have yet to see their feature. When I can, I’ll upload the features I have pending and will try to do more.



Writers' Market Group Vision Mission Road Map

Well, it has been six months since this group opened its doors to members and fellow writers at Red Bubble, and what a six months it has been. I am proud to say, since this group began, I’ve seen writers develop and a diverse range of pieces added to the group galleries which are impressive and moving.…

When I submitted the WMG idea to HQ, I had envision the group to be a place where writers could come together and share their works. I also wanted it to be a group for people to promote their self published titles, receive feedback and/or exposure which would ensure continual motivation and development. I still have this vision.

I must admit, the first three months were slow as far as the group’s purpose went. There were a few teething problems which required ironing out and resulted

060508: Today's Feature @ WMG

Today we feature a wonderful, eerie and powerful poem called Varga Girl by Nicole Ryan. It was a piece which stirred up all the neglected ambitions, aspirations of my girlhood and made me realise my accomplishments of being the woman I am today.

Not sure if this is/was Nicole’s intention when writing this poem, but this is the perception it gave me.

Check out the feature and read the poem for yourself to see.

Writers' Market Group Red Bubble Widget


Thanks to Fran and Jo O’Brien for organising and whipping up a group widget for the Writer’s Market Group.

So now we have one for the blogazine (pictured below) and one for the group itself

Like the blogazine widget, this one can be imported into various blogging and networking platforms such as Bebo, Myspace and the very popular Facebook.

Great stuff!



Idea to Expand the WMG Blogazine Potential

Firstly, the blogazine is here to stay. Secondly, I’m thinking about expanding the blogazine’s potential and making it daily.…

By the time I chuck out my little aliens which are cooking in the pot, I’d like to see the blogazine a “boom-boom shake the room” thing.

So, what I’m considering is posting featured work from the group galleries on a daily basis. It could include an author profile, supportive/enticing comments the work has received and/or a detailed review(s) from another member.

The blogazine would feature one work per day. If it the story has won a competition in any group, ensuring this is up in lights.

Since this involves more details, I’d discuss the feature with the Writer and all parties involved before publishing the post.

Is this something people would be happy to go

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