Sugar High Halloween Competition Finalists

Here they all are, the group winners that will now arm wrestle for the overall winning position!

For the Short Stories group, jastoffer with 100 Caramel Apples
For the Flash Fiction group, Marty Yokawanis with Jacki O
For the Writers Market group, Damian with The Exuberance of Youth
For A Novel Idea, Gayla Drummond with Halloween Happening
For the Twisted Tales group, Banal Heed with Sugar High

Well done all!

Now we open to public voting to decide the winner. Voting is open to everyone (entrants are not to vote for their own story). Send your votes to be compiled here at the WMG account

Vote for your first and second choice, where 1st will get 2 points and second 1 point. The story with the most points wins. Voting will run from now through to Sunday night and be tallied after that. The winners will be announced when it is all sorted out.

As a reminder the first prize is a US$30 RB voucher, and the runner up recieves a copy of the Gaia publication.
Now go and have a read and let us know your winner!

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