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The following information has been taken from the Song Writer’s Resource Network. I’ve been receiving a few requests from people who write lyrics, and stumbled upon this article which may help.

For talented lyricists willing to develop their lyric writing skills and market their songs, there are good opportunities in today’s music business.

Every great song needs a great lyric. Every Elton John needs a Bernie Taupin. Every Andrew Lloyd Webber needs a Tim Rice.

Clearly, memorable songs require well-written lyrics and skilled lyric writing, and the music business will always need talented song lyricists.

To illustrate this, check out the songwriting credits of songs recorded in Nashville these days. Rarely will you see only one songwriter listed under the title of any particular song.

More often you’ll find two or more writers listed. That’s because each writer brings different, complimentary strengths to the songwriting process. Some are stronger composing music. Some are stronger writing lyrics.

Other times it’s a case of “two heads are better than one” in the creative process, and sometimes songwriting partners work together on both lyrics and music.

As an example, country music recording artist Vince Gill wrote his classic album “I Still Believe In You” with co-writing help from eight different songwriting partners. That album yielded several huge hits for Gill, sold millions of albums, and established Gill as a top country artist.

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