[!] WMG Road Map July 08 - Blogazine Lift

As if I haven’t been quiet enough with group activities, well, I’m going to be even more quiet and spend some time away, brewing up some new opportunities for the group.

What is the latest plan of attack?

Why a flash feature magazine @ Issuu of course. The blogazine is getting a funky new facelift which would also ensure better copyright protection for works featured.

In the next few days, the blogazine will retire and be taken offsite. I will be creating a magazine style feature, pulling out featured works from the galleries.

If you are not keen to have your works included, please send me a bubble mail and I’ll ensure it is so. Otherwise, if your work is featured in the group it will likely be in the feature mag.

I’ll being working on a design to ensure this one will be more frequent than the last.



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