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Benchmark and sale!!

Thank you to whoever bought three cards yesterday! Also, I have been meaning to announce reaching my half million views benchmark, but everything has been whizzing by so fast that I am pretty far past that mark by now. However, the multiple sale reignited my wish to celebrate the passing of that half million plateau!

Thank you to all who took time to view my work and support me!

Wishing for success for all RB lovers…

Randi Bailey
aka Infoframe Dynamics

New GIMP download is dangerous!

So disappointing! Another honorable icon of the art world takes a dive…the new gimp 2.8 with windows installer available on the www.gimp.org website is corrupted with adware and will compromise your computer! Perhaps old copies are safe if you get them elsewhere-say from another old computer of yours. I haven’t tested all sources of downloads such as Softonics which says their download is safe! I can’t go into specifics here as I just spent hours going round and round hopefully in the process of totally removing it from my newly restored PC which took hours to restore. No, I’m not sure it had anything to do with the demise of the PC in the first place but I suppose it might have.

Why do Redbubble women allow themselves to be degraded and subjugated?

No, I am not talking about tasteful nude art-I am talking about the total disregard of sensibilities when it comes to women in terms of graphic “art” slogans. “My other ride is” …fill in the blanks. Are you just a ride? Do you go around proclaiming that your “other ride” is some stranger’s relative? Two reasons-you are too used to being both controlled and subjugated. You cannot display the unabridged sexuality that men can…probably wouldn’t want to if you could, but nevertheless…You cannot boast of insensitive indulgences in sexuality with people you barely regard as human…and you are too human, spiritual and wise to do so. Object to this kind of graphic slogan being exemplified as “art” on Redbubble!

Voucher award and where are the contestants?

Step right up and show the skills you have honed over the years to create an eye-catching banner for the All Vibrant Plants group!!! For some reason our challenge is lying fallow and needs your special attention to grow into an exciting contest! Please come and join the fun, but do it quickly! If you aren’t already a member and enjoy flower/plant art and photography…we are the group for you. One day left for our feature banner challenge here

Host, All Vibrant Plants

Looking back at May-a celebration

A celebration: Thirty-seven features in May and eleven Top Ten Challenge Wins

Cheerfully romantic was featured in A Class of Its Own Art …9 days ago
“Cheerfully romantic” was featured in Roses Grow on You! …13 days ago

Drenched by a tropical storm was featured in Fiery Hot Colors…10 days ago
“Drenched by a tropical storm” was featured in Florida the Sunshine State…36 days ago

Lingering sun rays was featured in ~AMERICAS~RURAL, URBAN…11 days ago
“Lingering sun rays” was featured in GEMS…11 days ago

Big blue eyes was featured in From The Heart12 days ago

Chin scratch nirvana -Dedicated to Evita was featured in ✿⊱╮ Cat’s Pajamas…12 days ago
• “Chin scratch nirvana -Dedicated to Evita” was featured in Just For You-DEDICATIONS!..26 days ago

Living life to the fu

Fourteen features in as many days and passed 280,000 views!

“Peach rosebud” was featured in All That is Nature
about 2 hours ago
“Buffalo treehopper” was featured in Extreme Close-Ups
about 10 hours ago (re-named by me “Leaf-like bug”)
“Real flights of fancy-wide view” was featured in HOSTING TUTORIAL CLASS
2 days ago
“Drops on a pink beauty” was featured in ♥ Artists Universe ♥ 2 …
3 days ago
“Full of life” was featured in *STOP and Smell the Roses*
3 days ago
“I’m not always this innocent!” was featured in For the Love of Cats – …
4 days ago
“I’m not always this innocent!” was featured in “GROOVY KITTY CATS”
5 days ago
“Light orange flower design” was featured in GEMS
5 days ago
“Bug on bag” was featured in Extreme Close-Ups
7 days ago
“I’m not always this innocent!” was featured in Pets Are Us ~ 2 per day
9 days ago
“Dove in bright light” was featured in ♥ Artists…

Pets and Flowers Challenge awaits with $$ prize

Hello all you great Redbubblers!…

Now’s the time to scurry out for some quality time with your pet in your lovely garden; or see how your gorgeous flower arrangement highlights your pet’s beauty. We’re hoping to get new work in for the challenge-create and submit to the All Vibrant Plants group…and then, hold back for a bit and don’t submit your image to any other group until we accept it in the group. Yep, for that short period of time we are going to jealously guard your image as ours. (Just so we know it’s a new image!)

Have fun with your beloved pal and see what you can come up with…we accept art as well. However, we want the image to depict a real pet, not a caricature or a wild animal or bird or other creature from the wild.

So please all, get cracking, and display your fresh new wo

Past 200,000 views!

Thanks to all the RedBubble visitors, hosts, and members for supporting my work; clicking on my images, and providing me with encouraging feedback. All that has helped me carry the torch onward to about 201,000 views since August, 2008. I hope I have provided some enjoyment to those who have taken the time to stop momentarily to check out these images that reflect or represent to some extent my artistic angle on all those things that surround me in my world! A very Happy New Year to each of you!

Christmas is coming early this year-six features in one day!

Posted Dec. 9, 2011-EST-US-Daylight savings

Christmas is coming early this year-six features in one day! Thanks and God Bless You Everyone!

“Red nasturtium” was featured in Florida the Sunshine State
about 1 hour ago

“Leafy purple” was featured in FOOD for THOUGHT
about 3 hours ago

“Purple orchids on purple background” was featured in Flower Works – No AS-IS…
about 4 hours ago

“Spider lily” was featured in Wildflowers of North America
about 6 hours ago

“Amaryllis cluster in wide view” was featured in GEMS
about 24 hours ago

“Safe in the harbor” was featured in Tell Your Photo Story (…
1 day ago

Seven features in one day and more! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

These are today’s features and those from a llittle further back!

My Activity : Featured in a group
Activity Feed: posted March 25, around 4 am Eastern Standard Time, USA

“Watching the sky” was featured in Forgotten Florida
about 10 hours ago
“The silver zone” was featured in GEMS
about 11 hours ago
“Crystallizing flower” was featured in Abstract Art
about 15 hours ago
“Burnished copper sea” was featured in All Around Florida
about 18 hours ago
“Crystallizing flower” was featured in A Place to Start …
1 day ago
“Angel pie” was featured in For the Love of Cats , …
1 day ago
“Burnished copper sea” was featured in GEMS
1 day ago

And older features: within two and a half weeks….!

“Tot I caw a puddycat” was featured in GEMS
6 days ago
“Sunburst” was featured in The Tropical Zone
7 days ago
“Splendid hibisc

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