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Seven features in one day and more! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

These are today’s features and those from a llittle further back!

My Activity : Featured in a group
Activity Feed: posted March 25, around 4 am Eastern Standard Time, USA

“Watching the sky” was featured in Forgotten Florida
about 10 hours ago
“The silver zone” was featured in GEMS
about 11 hours ago
“Crystallizing flower” was featured in Abstract Art
about 15 hours ago
“Burnished copper sea” was featured in All Around Florida
about 18 hours ago
“Crystallizing flower” was featured in A Place to Start …
1 day ago
“Angel pie” was featured in For the Love of Cats , …
1 day ago
“Burnished copper sea” was featured in GEMS
1 day ago

And older features: within two and a half weeks….!

“Tot I caw a puddycat” was featured in GEMS
6 days ago
“Sunburst” was featured in The Tropical Zone
7 days ago
“Splendid hibiscus” was featured in GEMS
9 days ago
“A direct look” was featured in GEMS
10 days ago
“Waiting for you” was featured in GEMS
15 days ago
“Sunburst” was featured in Stunning Skyscapes
17 days ago
“Deliriously happy” was featured in Golden Imaging
18 days ago
“Fluff and color” was featured in Cats and Dogs …
19 days ago

Thanks again to all the hosts and community members who commented or otherwise supported me and my artwork!

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