♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey

Largo, United States

Photographer and digital artist. All images are copyrighted. / Personal website / or simply type randibailey.com / Portfolio within...

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Welcome to my gallery!

Love the natural world and capturing it in my images as well and as often as possible. Have worked with abstract forms for years and also enjoy the challenges of finding the new line, dimension and shape combination that will make a deep impression. Most of my artwork originates from the beautiful flora and fauna found in Largo, Florida. DBA as Infoframe Dynamics where profit margin dictates.

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Special Featured Work ~~Here’s a link to some of the features and winners that I have gathered up!!


Featured on Front Page-Featured Works-Explore-May 10, 2012

Featured on Front Page-Featured Works-Explore-about June 4, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—2 Cards per Day, Best of Your Best-November 2008
Image “Merry Christmas Hibiscus card” chosen for group avatar-One Single Flower-2008
Featured member in Nature’s Wonders group, Easter, 2009
Featured member in Domestic Cats-2009
Top ten challenge winner—All Around Florida-June 2010
Top ten challenge winner—Waterlily, Lotus and Hydrangea Flowers group-June 2010
Winner—Feature Banner Challenge-Fiery Hot Colors-July 2010
Top ten challenge winner—Florida the Sunshine State-July 14, 2010
Top ten challenge winner—Fiery Hot Colors-Aug. 3, 2010
Featured member in Volcanoes, Earth Geology & Atmosphere group- August 16, 2010
Top ten challenge winner—Sensational Sun-Sept. 2, 2010
Top ten challenge winner—You Big Softy-Sept.18, 2010
Chosen for Spotlight of the Week—Wildflowers of North America-Feb. 11, 2011, and April 1, 2011

Featured member in Artists with Disabilities-about March 14, 2011

Featured member in The Gems Group-March 25, 2011!!!

Top ten challenge winner—Featured for a Challenge-May 28, 2011

Top ten challenge winner—Backyard Photography/Art/No Macro-June 2, 2011

Top ten challenge Winner—Challenge banner contest, Elegant Rose Cards-March 4, 2011

for this “Spider Lily” image-see here

and this “Blue Beauties” image-see here

Image above chosen for Challenge Avatar-First Things-July 30, 2011

Image above chosen for Challenge Avatar-One Single Flower on Display-Pretty Petals Challenge-late Sept. thru mid Oct,.2011


Top ten challenge winner—Color me a Rainbow-Red Flowers Challenge-Oct.10, 2011

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Food for Thought-October feature invitation only challenge-Nov. 19, 2011

Forever feature—in Wildflowers of North America-Dec. 9, 2011

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Disability & Beauty-Alphabet letters A or C Challenge-Dec. 29, 2011

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Avatar challenge, Wildflowers of the World-Jan. 30, 2012

Winner—Once We Were Kids Challenge-Artists Universe-March 10, 2012

Top ten challenge winner—OUR PLANETS SCENERY
Members With Last Name Beginning With – B – H – R

Top ten challenge winner—Disability & Beauty-Find or paint anything within 50 feet from you that makes you smile challenge-April 17, 2012

Crimson and Amber World chosen as Challenge Avatar-First Things group-Red Sunsets-April 16, 2012

Top ten challenge winner—All Vibrant Plants-Pets and Flowers challenge-April 29, 2012

Top ten challenge winner in—Backyard Art/ Photography-May 7, 2012

Top ten challenge winner in—Just for You-May 9, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—Hosting Tutorial Class Group-May 16, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Just for You-May 17, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—#1 Favorites-May 19, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Hosting Tutorial Class-May 22, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Roses Grow on You-May 27, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—#1 Favorites-May 27, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—ShuTTerBugS-May 27, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—Macro Magic-May 28, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner-In His Name-May 30, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—200-499 Views-Motion Meets Emotion-June 1, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Featured for a Challenge-June 3, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—#1 Favorites-June 4, 2012

Challenge Winner in—Just For You-Dedications-June 4, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—Animals plus Wild Bird Photography-June 6, 2012

Featured Member in—Just for You-Dedications-June 8, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Obsessed with Frida Kahlo-June 10, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Hosting Tutorial Class-June 12, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—I Spy-June 16, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—Everything Old a New Treasure-June 16, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Disability and Beauty-June 24, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Disability & Beauty-June 28, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner in—Roses Grow on You-June 29, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Candid Photographs-June 30, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Black with a Hint of Colour-July 2, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner-Artists Universe-July 14, 2012
Top Ten Challenge Winner—Manipulated Flower photography and fractals-July 18, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—Challenge Accepted-July 21, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner—200-499 views-July 22, 2012

Top Ten Challenge Winner-Halloween-July 27, 2012

*Top Ten (runner up) Challenge Winner—I Shoot Raw-July 30, 2012

Copyright notice
All photographs, images, or any other designs in this portfolio are owned and copyrighted by Randi Bailey (Infoframe Dynamics). Any works may not be reproduced, modified or published for private or commercial use without express written permission. All rights reserved. * Thank you for respecting my time and effort to produce these photos for your enjoyment.

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Benchmark and sale!!

Thank you to whoever bought three cards yesterday! Also, I have been meaning to announce reaching my half million views benchmark, but everything has been whizzing by so fast that I am pretty far past that mark by now. However, the multiple sale reignited my wish to celebrate the passing of that half million plateau! / Thank you to all who took time to view my work and support me! / Wishing for s…
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New GIMP download is dangerous!

So disappointing! Another honorable icon of the art world takes a dive…the new gimp 2.8 with windows installer available on the www.gimp.org website is corrupted with adware and will compromise your computer! Perhaps old copies are safe if you get them elsewhere-say from another old computer of yours. I haven’t tested all sources of downloads such as Softonics which says their downloa…
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Why do Redbubble women allow themselves to be degraded and subjugated?

No, I am not talking about tasteful nude art-I am talking about the total disregard of sensibilities when it comes to women in terms of graphic “art” slogans. “My other ride is” …fill in the blanks. Are you just a ride? Do you go around proclaiming that your “other ride” is some stranger’s relative? Two reasons-you are too used to being both control…
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Voucher award and where are the contestants?

Step right up and show the skills you have honed over the years to create an eye-catching banner for the All Vibrant Plants group!!! For some reason our challenge is lying fallow and needs your special attention to grow into an exciting contest! Please come and join the fun, but do it quickly! If you aren’t already a member and enjoy flower/plant art and photography…we are the group f…
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